Many people ask us how much an Interior Designer will charge to come to their Home.

This is a very good question and there are several answers. Some initial consultation charges may be complimentary or up to $250 or more. That is why it is a good idea to discuss with your family or roommate exactly what you want before setting the appointment. The initial consultation is basically a question and answer period. You need to have questions and answers ready to discuss with your designer.

The initial consultation between the designer and the client is where the designer comes to the client’s home to discuss the project with them. Remember, no two projects are created equal and one clients great room will be vastly different in terms of the details, the scope of work and the overall design concept.

Also, remember, a designer can help you get what you want in your home and also help you stay on budget.

The Initial Design Consultation can include an initial in-home visit.  If you want more, such as a furniture layout or a floor plan, you will need to pay more.

The initial in home call will provide a true picture of what will be required to design and furnish a room or rooms in your home.  If you choose to move forward with the project, further design consultations, photos, measurements and floor plans and furniture selection can begin.

Do you need an interior paint or wall covering consultation?  This would also include a visit to your home, as well as color selections and recommendations of painters, faux finishers or wallpaper installers.

A professional interior designer will help you select the paint color or colors that are just right for your room.  Interior designers work with many installers and can recommend the right one for you.  They can also coordinate and provide on-site referrals and supervision of the project. These consultations can range in price from $200 and up, depending on the size and scope of the project.

So, in summary, different interior designers will charge different prices for various types of in-home consultations. Professional Interior designers do need to get paid for their expertise and design knowledge, but they will help save you time and help you avoid expensive mistakes. An interior designer can also give you an idea of how much your room will cost.

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