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Unwind in a Resort Style Spa in the privacy of your home

Make a comfortable stress-free space to relax and unwind in your home. Turn an area in your home into a sanctuary with all the comforts of a resort-style spa. Maybe remodel your bathroom and take some space from an adjoining guest room that you don’t use or maybe a walk-out basement like in the CAD design below. You could just add some creature comforts to your master suite, like a sauna, or convert your shower into a steam shower.Interior Design Dallas TX - Home Spa

The CAD design above and below shows a complete home spa, with a large steam shower, air tub, sauna, fireplace, yoga area, and seating. This creates an Immersive Experience by pulling you into an augmented reality that is engaging and satisfying.

Home Spa -CAD - Interior Design Dallas TX

CAD rendering of a Home Spa

In the above photo, you can see the large steam shower to the left. It has three sides of glass to give the space an open look. At the far end of the room is a sauna and a large mirror for yoga practice. In this design, the home spa leads to a private outdoor relaxing and reading area.

A fireplace and comfortable seating are good choices for a home spa. A teak wood ceiling will add warmth to the space.

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While thinking about your home spa, you might also want to add a Yoga Studio. One idea is to take an extra bedroom and turn it into a Yoga Studio. If you still need to use that room as a guest room, add a sofa bed. A home yoga studio can be a sanctuary for you where you can meditate. It can be a great morning room where you can get your mind and body ready for the day.

Resort Style Spa Dallas TX

Let me come up with creative solutions to improve your life.

Resort Style Spa Dallas TX – By Foran Interior Design

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