These are some some of the worst decorating mistakes and how to avoid them


There are 6 decorating mistakes that are common.

1. Wrong Scale 

This is the biggest mistake I see. People buying furniture that is either too big or too small for their home. You might think it looks fine in the furniture store, but when you get it delivered it is the wrong scale. This is a very costly mistake.
2. Not Devoloping a Color Scheme 
Making color decisions without a color scheme is one of the worst decorating mistakes you can make.  The goal is to have your home flow from room to room and to have balance in your use of color.  Even neutrals need to work with each other.  Some neutrals have a tint of cream, grey or beige.  They need to look good with each other.
3.  Too much clutter.
Too many small items is a mistake I see a lot.  Sometimes people don’t know when to stop decorating.  Fewer pieces, more important pieces will give you a better look.  It is hard on the eyes when you see so many smaller items.  
4.  Not having a detailed decorating plan.
What is a detailed decorating plan?  It should include a detailed floor plan of furniture layout, a lighting plan, interior finishes, color scheme, elevations of cabinets, window treatments, furniture selections and floor coverings.  When you have a detailed plan, it is easier to make good decisions.  You are able to think about how each decision will work with the other.
5.  Following todays fads instead of what you like
The problem with fads is that they get over done and when you see too much of one thing, you get tired of it.  What is overly popular today is usually a look that people can’t stand 5 years down the road.  So, if you don’t want to redecorate every 5 years, than I suggest you develop your own look and style.  Use styles that suit your eye and colors that you like. Don’t be afraid to mix things you like. When done properly, it can be great.
6.  Not working with a profesional interior designer.
An interior designer can help you avoid these decorating mistakes and help you through the design process.
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