Change your heavy and elaborate interior design to a Clean Traditional / Neo-Traditional look

Clean Traditional or Neo Traditional is very popular today, but what does it look like? It is the use of simpler styled traditional furniture. Gone are the days of heavy carved moldings and overly massive items. Sofas and chairs can have softer lines, but are much simpler (cleaner).

The Clean Traditional look is also lighter in color. This is for the person wanting to lighten up and update their home, but do not like contemporary. This is also a look that is not going to go out of style if you stay away from fad colors.

Clean traditional living room T

The above CAD (computer aided design) photo is of a design I put together for a client. A CAD presentation gives the client a good idea of what the room will look like when finished. The pieces that are used could be light wood, dark wood or painted. What is important is that they have traditional elements, but have  cleaner lines to them. They should not have heavy carvings or moldings. Everything in this design look should have a more modern look to it. It is a good transition for someone who is tired of elaborate traditional, but find contemporary too plain.

The finishing touches to this look are also simpler. This look works best with fewer, but larger accessories and artwork. It gets away from a lot of small accessories, which give you a cluttered look. Neo-Traditional has a more peaceful feel.

Below you can see several items that we could use in a clean traditional look.

Neo-Traditional sofa

You don’t always have to replace everything. Sometimes with this look you can use some of your existing pieces. An interior designer can look at what you have and determine if some of your pieces will work in your new look.


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