Decorate with Artwork Dallas TX

Interior designers get asked, “How do I decorate my home with artwork?”

Decorate with Artwork Dallas TX

Artwork can set the mood of a room. The large artwork in this wine lounge adds to the ambiance of this wine lounge. The room has four chairs facing each other and a mirrored back wall. This is a 3D rendering that I did for a design project.

What questions should you think about when selecting artwork?

What different ways can I use artwork in my home?


Art collector

If you want to collect art but still want to have a beautiful interior design, then you should let the artwork be the focus of your room. What I mean by that is let your artwork be the detail in your room. Keep your decorating neutral (neutral walls, floors, sofas, and chairs). It doesn’t have to be all white. For instance, you could use a wood floor. You just don’t want to compete with the artwork. This is a great artsy look that lets you express yourself.

Decorate with Artwork Dallas TX

We used a Tiptych (a picture on three panels) on this large dining room wall.


High-end interior design

If you are wanting to create a beautiful high-end room where everything complements each other, then it is best to select your artwork to complement your interior design. That is not to say that you must settle for ordinary art. A great way to decorate a room when art is important is to select the art first and do your decorating around the artwork. I believe fewer and larger pieces work better for this look. You end up with a dramatic beautiful room.

Decorate with Artwork Dallas TX

With this client we added a stiking painting to introduce color into a white and black room.

Where can I find beautiful inspiring artwork?

Art galleries, of course, are a great source of artwork. You can also go to shows out of town. I believe professional interior designers are the best source because they can guide you to make the best selections. Many designers have connections through markets that they attend. They see things that are not available locally.  if you invest a lot of money in your artwork, you want to make sure all the details (frame, size, quality, and price) are perfect.

Decorate with Artwork Dallas TX

This client wanted a beautiful Venice scene to remind them of their trip to Italy. photo credit: Beth Singer Photography


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