A lot of people are looking to furnish their new home or update their existing home in McKinney, Texas. They want their home to be more like the newer homes in Frisco and Prosper.  McKinney is a great place to live. McKinney, TX was ranked #1 on Money Magazine’s List of Best Places to Live in 2014.


There are many beautiful luxury homes in McKinney TX and this blog will help you find the best interior designers in McKinney TX

Whether you are building a new home in Craig Ranch or updating your existing home in the Stonebridge area of Mckinney, it is always best to have the help of a professional interior designer.

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How can you find the best interior designer to help you decorate your home?

That is a question that many people would like to know the answer to.  A good way to find a professional interior designer is to go to the ASID site on the internet.  ASID stands for American Society of Interior Designers and in order to be a professional ASID member you must pass a comprehensive 2-day design test and also have experience with clients.

Another way would be to go online and look at interior designer’s websites.   Look at the designers “about page”, their portfolio and other pages on their site.   Do they have a page that relates to your wants and needs or do they just show off their own look? If they only have one look, you may want to look at other designers.  If they don’t have a lot of photos, they might not have much experience.  If you want to avoid mistakes it is a good idea to use an interior designer who has been in the field a long time working on projects like yours. You also want an interior designer who can find you the perfect home furnishings for your unique home.


HOUZZ.com is another way to find a designer. The HOUZZ site has many local designers with profile pages. You can read reviews that are posted about the different designers.

When you find am interior designer that you think is a good fit for your project, you should call them and talk to them about your project.  The next stept is to set up an appointment at your home.  Take through your home and tell them about your wants, needs and dreams.  Ask how the designer charges. Ask how they purchase furniture and other home furnishing products.

Know what questions you want to ask the designer. See if they ask you questions about what you want.  If they are the type of designer that will design around what you want, they will ask you many questions. They will want to know about your design project and how you use each room, how you want to feel in your home, what type of comfort do you want, and what is your budget. If the designer just talks about their look, you know they won’t be very flexible.


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