Do you want to Remodel and Redecorate Your Traditional Home?


Where should you start?  Do you need the help of a professional interior designer?

A lot of homes in Collin County Texas (Plano, Frisco, McKinney, etc.) need updating. Some of the homes are 15 – 25 years old. There are many new luxury homes in Frisco, TX and McKinney that are catching the eye of home owners. They are wanting their home to be more like the newer homes. 


The question is “Can I update my traditional home to be more like the new homes?”


The answer is Yes.

Design trends change over time and the trend was for darker homes and Old World furniture.

Now the new homes are still traditional on the outside, but are lighter and more transitional on the inside.

So you ask “How can I update my luxury home?”

The good news is that many of the older luxury homes in Collin Co. have great floor plans and are well built. The exteriors really don’t need to change at all.  

The interior is where we can update your home to make it look like a new luxury home.

The most important step is to have a plan and a budget.

This is where you need the help of a professional interior designer. When making major changes you need to have a detailed plan of what will be changed and how much it will cost. You want to make sure that the house flows from room to room. When done, the house should look like it was always that way.


Here are some of the things we can do to update your home:


Update your Kitchen.

The kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is also the most expensive room to redo. A lot of the kitchen cabinets in high end homes are good quality and have nice detail, but the finish might be dated. For example, if you add a high quality sprayed on finish in an off white paint, new hardware, a new light quartz counter top, new light fixtures, paint and new appliances, you will have a new kitchen without completely remodeling the whole room

Most of the older homes have nice wood and that is the same as the new homes. The other route is to replace the kitchen doors and drawers. This method is call refacing. This way you are keeping the box part of the cabinets and getting new doors and drawers. A veneer is placed on the exposed part of the cabinet box to match the new doors. The advantage with this method is that you can change the style of your cabinet.


Update your Master Bathroom

The same method as above can be used in your master bath. This is also a good room to completely remodel. This room is not as expensive to remodel as the kitchen and many selection preferences have changed. We are seeing fewer large tubs and more big space showers. Today’s showers may have body sprays, overhead rain showers, steam rooms and beautiful tile. Lighting is also improved with sconce lights on either side of the mirror for more even make-up lighting.  


This was a complete master bath makeover.

The rest of the House

The rest of the house needs to work off of the kitchen (the hub of the house). If you decide to go with a light theme in the kitchen then we need to make sure the rest of the house flows with the kitchen. We might just need to refinish the floors, change the light fixtures, and paint, or we might need to do more. It just depends on what you want to accomplish.


Furniture and the finishing touches

Question “Do I have to replace all my furniture?”

Answer “No”

A mixture of traditional pieces and pieces with clean lines is one of the best looks that can be created. You might replace most of your sofas and chairs to get a newer fresh look. They can have cleaner more transitional styling. If done correctly the mixture of traditional and cleaner lines gives you a very sophisticated artsy look. Add some transitional artwork and accessories and your home is now better than the new homes.


We updated this little used office to a Lady’s Dressing room.

Last thoughts

Keep in mind this is not as easy as it looks on TV especially if you have a larger luxury home. A professional interior designer can help you avoid costly mistakes as you remodel and redecorate your traditional home.

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