Two-story foyer decorating ideas

Many people want two-story foyer decorating ideas for their homes.

They need creative ideas and a new look for their two-story foyer and entry hall.  Many have stairways in their foyer and want to know what to put on the walls.  Here are some interior design ideas and looks that might work for your home.

What are the parts of the foyer that you need to think about and plan out?

1.   There is the ceiling where a chandelier or some type of lighting might be placed.
2.   some walls need to have paint or wallpaper, wainscoting or trim, and molding. 
3.   There is the flooring which will help determine what type of rug you may want.
4.   There are the furnishings to be used in the room (such as a foyer table, a bench, etc)

Picking out a beautiful lighting fixture is so important in your foyer.  It will be one of the first things people notice when they enter your home.  Chandeliers can be traditional or very contemporary.  Many people nowadays are choosing a more transitional chandelier for their homes.  That way, they can go either traditional or contemporary with their other furnishings.

Many times sconces look beautiful in a foyer or entry hall.  They add interest as well as light.


Ceiling detail can add a lot to a two-story foyer

The walls in your foyer need to be decorated. Many amazing wallpapers will give your foyer a special and unique look.  If you don’t want wallpaper, you can use wainscoting and paint on your walls.  There is often a wall beneath the flight of stairs to the second level that needs to have just the right piece of art or furniture.

Wood paneling can make hanging the artwork a bit difficult.  You will want to create symmetry and balance on your foyer walls.  Beautiful tasteful wallpaper can create the feeling of artwork without the hanging hassle.  The wallpaper will give more depth to the entire foyer.

Another way to go in your foyer is to add a mural.  A colorful and beautiful mural will add drama to your home.

In the photo above, notice the wallpaper, the flooring, the foyer table, and the magnificent floral arrangement.

There are so many types of flooring that are used in a foyer.  Whether you have ceramic tile, wood, marble, porcelain, limestone, or granite, the list goes on and on.  The one thing that they have in common is that all of them look better with a rug in front of the door. We have placed 4 by 6 rugs, 5 by 7 rugs, and much larger rugs in foyers. Sometimes rectangular rugs work best but sometimes round rugs fit the area perfectly. They can be contemporary or traditional, but they should be beautiful and practical.

In this two-story foyer shown above, there is a beautiful rug that ties into the focal point of conversational grouping.

Furnishings used in a foyer often include a foyer table, a bench, an umbrella stand, a coat closet or a hanging coat rack, a mirror, etc.

The slope of the stairs may make choosing the right furniture difficult.  You could use a low bench or ottoman below the stairs.  This makes a cozy seating area.

You can also use a decorative chest which has added storage in the drawers.  A low chest also adds storage and is a good place to hang something, such as a wonderful mirror or special artwork above it.   Sometimes a pair of pedestals look great on each side of the doorway or passageway.  This creates symmetry.

If you use a chair with a chest or table, the chair will be practical because it is a perfect place for removing boots or shoes.  Using a round foyer table or a narrow console table creates a decorative and practical place for mail or keys.

Once you have found the just right table or console for your foyer, you will want to accessorize it with special things.  A magnificent floral in an amazing vase will add a lot to your foyer.  There are fantastic new as well as old mirrors which always go well in a foyer.  Also, an umbrella stand, as well as a coat rack, will add to your decor.

In conclusion, I hope this has given you some new ideas on how to transform your two-story foyer.  If you need help, a professional interior designer can help you with everything from paint colors and wallpaper to rugs and furnishings.  They have a plethora of products at their disposal.

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