Interior design can improve your life with self-expression and personal identity

Your home should be all about YOU and your family, not some latest design trends.

 Interior design can improve your life with self-expression

Decorative accessories are a good way to show your self-expression.

You look at design magazines and think everyone should have an all-white room with maybe some accents of color.  However, this look doesn’t work for everyone.

Some designers think you should want their look and that is fine if that is what you want.  However, I believe in creating a unique look for every client.


The problem with trends is that they get over- done and then three years later everyone is tired of it.

You should think about what is important to you.

Your home should be about self-expression and your image.  An interior designer should ask you many questions about what colors you like, styles you like, comfort, wear, how you want to use each room, and many other important questions.

Once the designer has asked enough questions, it starts to paint a picture of your environment. After that, it is much easier for an interior designer to make selections that create a look that is uniquely yours.

 Interior design can improve your life with self-expression

This client wanted a lady’s dressing room

Finishing the look is where you can add personal identity and self-expression through interior design.


You can add a great piece of art that moves you or reminds you of a great time in your life. You may want to add the artwork that you have collected over the years.

 Interior design can improve your life with self-expression

In this 3D rendering, it shows how you could use a large hallway for an art gallery. A perfect way to show self-expression.

This client collected artwork so we set up an area where she could group some of her pieces.

Collections are another way to add self-expression.  Collections work best when they are displayed together.  A large glass front display case or cabinet works well for many collections such as antique music boxes, antique dolls, decorative crystal, miniature cars,  coins, etc.

Another way to show your identity through is to display items you have brought back from trips to other countries.  It can also add to the fun of your trip if you are always looking for the next great piece for your collection.

Interior design can improve your life by allowing you to express yourself.

Give me a call (Michael Foran, ASID – 469-269-3625), and let’s discuss how interior design can improve your life.

 Interior design can improve your life with self-expression – By Foran Interior Design – Call Today: 469-269-3625

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