In-Home Design Service for your Washington MI home

Do you need an In-Home Design Service for your Washington MI home?

Let’s discuss some reasons why it is a good idea to talk to an expert.

1. Avoid costly mistakes

I have been in hundreds of homes over my 40+ years as an interior designer where people have purchased the wrong furniture. It may be the wrong color for their home, or the wrong style with their existing furniture, or the wrong size for their room or it is uncomfortable. A professional ASID interior who has years of experience will be able to help you avoid these mistakes and this will save you money. They should be able to put together detailed floor plans, fabric boards, furniture selections, PowerPoint Presentations, and photo-realistic 3D renderings.

2. Creative Solutions

A creative and experienced designer will be able to come up with functional and creative ways to use the space in your home. I believe all the rooms in your home should be used and enjoyed.

Wine lounge Foran Interior DesignIn-Home Design Service for your Washington MI home

We turned this little use formal living room into a music/wine lounge. A great spot to entertain or unwind after a busy day.


In-Home Design Service for your Washington MI home

We changed this little-used dining room into a conversation room.


3. 3D Photo-realistic Renderings

Times have changed with the advancement in technology. Find an interior designer who can show you your home in a 3D rendering before you order. This is such an advantage today. It is also an advantage to the designer to be able to tweak a design as they work on it. I design all my projects in CAD (computer-aided design).

3D rendering Foran Interior Design

This is a 3D rendering with PowerPoint


Finished photo of the project


Finished job photo

In-Home Design Service for your Washington MI home- Foran Interior Design

I designed this luxury master bath with CAD. This is a 3D rendering that I use to help my clients visualize. 3D rendering works great when you are remodeling a home or designing a kitchen.


4. Save you time and money.

With the help of a designer, detailed plans as mentioned above, and a visual presentation you will be able to make good decisions without mistakes. Some interior designers can buy directly from the manufacturers and save you money.

In-Home Design Service for your Washington MI home

– by Michael Foran, ASID

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