What drives interior decorating and design decisions in Texas?  

Personal taste drives decorating decisions for homeowners of all ages.  However, a desire for personalization and the need for something different that reflects one’s own personal taste are also important when making home decor decisions.


A great place to read in the Master Bedroom.

Our interior design clients want to make the products they purchase their own with their own customized and personalized style.  They also want comfort.  The reason comfort is so important to them is because for many people the home is the center for entertaining, for working, and for relaxing.  Many people even have “staycations” where they get to enjoy their home even more.  Being comfortable in their homes is a priority for people because they are spending a lot more time in their homes.


As far as color schemes, soft and neutral colors are the most popular,but how you feel about color is the most imortant thing.  You may want neutral backgrounds with dark brown leather and bright accents.interior_decorating_and_design-781902-edited

Bright and dramatic or bold and colorful are color schemes that are popular for outdoor settings and for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. In the bright pink-walled girls bedroom below, there are shades of green and light pink also used in the room.


Redecorating is an ongoing process for many people in Texas.  They feel that there is always some room that they may want to change to make it better.  People enjoy making their home more comfortable and inviting.  They enjoy the process of redecorating as well as the end result.  

Some people are putting televisions in their dining rooms, others are making their seldom used dining room into a 4 or 5 seated wine room with NO television–just a room to relax and converse in. Many clients want more seating in their Master Bedrooms.  

People in Texas make choices for how they live, whether it’s because they love watching movies or reading in their bedroom or want to add a baking station in their kitchen because that’s their passion,  The entire house is becoming more functional.and flexible.  

What is also important to people in Texas is to have it done right.  That is one of the reasons why they call on a professional interior designer to help them find what is just right for them.  An A.S.I.D. professional has the ability to find out their exact needs and put together a room that will make them comfortable and happy.  






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