Interior Design Before and After Photos

Extreme home makeovers are exciting, but you need more than a dream of what it could be like.

A professional interior designer will help make your design vision a reality. Below you can see some interior design before and after photos.

In the home pictured below, we took it from simple drywall to wood paneling and a magnificent ceiling design.


Interior Design Before and After Photos

This job was an extreme home makeover.

You won’t believe the before photo below.

.Room before

Well, the client wanted to change the existing space from bare

and boring to a family room that was warm and rich with a library feel. She did not like the high ceilings at all because they made the room feel cold.

Therefore, we incorporated a coffered ceiling, unexpected details, and high drama. She needed the maximum amount of seating and a large entertainment center. Our client wanted an Old World feel that was timeless and classic. We were able to achieve this look through architectural detailing a

s well as furnishings.

Here are some of the design elements that we included in this project.

1. Cantilevered soffits that transcend into a barrel-vault ceiling.

2.  Cherry paneling and recessed panels using a series of decorative casings and moldings.

3. The fireplace and mantel, a focal point, was created with bold detail

4.  A custom 11 feet high entertainment center that held a tv as well as other storage for games and videos.

5.  A custom faux paint design for the ceiling

6. A faux marble treatment was also created on the ceiling

7. A beautiful stencil was created to match the wrought iron railing on the second-floor balcony which overlooks the family room.

Furniture and lighting were selected based on creating a dramatic room that was functional and comfortable.  The individual details of the room work together to equal the amazingly dramatic result.

Interior Design Before and After Photos

Extreme Makeover Dining Room to Conversation Room

This room was a seldom-used dining room.  The clients wanted to turn it into a conversation/wine room.  They wanted to be able to use it and be comfortable in it. See below for comfort, coziness, and conversation. This room is as comfortable as it is beautiful.  The four chairs and cocktail ottoman make the seating comfortable and the small side tables make it practical.  There is also a nice wine cabinet on one side that is not shown in the photo.

Conversational Room before

The photo below shows a master bathroom before the tile, flooring, paint, fixtures, and accessories make it shine.

Interior Design Before and After Photos

The photo below shows the master bathroom with 2 matching sink areas, beautiful tile in the shower and behind the tub, and 2 doors, each one leading to a large closet.  It also has stone pebbles on the floor to give it more safety and beauty.  The pebbles also feel good as they massage the feet. They are all rounded.


Bathroom before


The Before Photo below shows beautiful windows that are completely “undressed”.  Window treatments will add warmth as well as beauty.

 Interior Design Before and After Photos

Two Story Draperies

These 2 story window treatments make the windows even nicer.  They add dramatic beauty as well as warmth and noise control. They have long fantastic fringe trim at the top and pretty large tassels where they come together.

Two story room before

A room without accessories is just a room.

Interior Design Before and After Photos

photo credit: Beth Singer Photography



It is not as easy as it looks on TV, but it can be accomplished.  What it takes is

1. proper planning,

2. lots of patience and

3. good work.

Some projects can be very expensive while others can be accomplished with paint, accessories, and draperies.

The first step is to have a dream.  What is your dream home?   Start a file and put pictures in it of things you like. It can be a lot of fun visualizing and planning your dream home.

After you have a dream you need to have a plan. This is the most important step. You need to have a good plan so that you will avoid costly mistakes.   Whether you do this part yourself or get professional help, don’t skip this step. You will save a lot of money if you don’t make costly mistakes.

Next, you need to look at your budget and decide whether you can accomplish your makeover at once or work on it over some time. Many clients work on their homes over the years but when they are done they end up with their dream home.