Interior design can improve your life through the use of color.

Did you know that choosing the right colors in your home can affect your mood?  Well, it’s true. Many people use colors in their home that make them feel good.


The serene feeling of this lady’s dressing room was accomplished through the use of soft blues and aquas. Our client loves to spend time in this room.

In this series of blogs, we will discuss how there are many ways interior design can improve your life.

First, it is important when choosing colors for your home to eliminate colors that you don’t like.  Some people don’t like orange or purple, others dislike gray or red.  You shouldn’t be concerned about color trends but instead should choose colors you like to be around.  Find out what is best for you.

The newest trend is to collect colors that speak to you and combine them in fresh new ways that will put a smile on your face.  

There are certain colors that will create an oasis, colors like blue and green. Colors of the sky and earth can always inspire us.  Bright florals, green spaces and darker dramatic colors are all popular in some areas.


This client wanted rich chocolate brown with orange accents.

The new 2015 color of the year is Coral Reef.  It is a mélange of pink, orange and red and can definitely liven up any space.  It is an uplifting and vivacious hue.


You can use Coral Reef color as an accent piece or let the color stand by itself in accessories and artwork.  Coral Reef has a vintage spirit and can be traditional or modern.

Yellow is a cheerful color and makes people feel good.  It must not be too bright but looks great when balanced with other colors like blue and green.

I once designed a model for a builder and I used soft yellow and cream with accents of blue and green.  I spent a lot of time in the model home while it was open for a parade of homes.  I talked to a lot of the people who were coming through the home and they said it made them feel cheerful. Some sat down and stayed for a long time and did not want to leave because they felt so comfortable in the home. 

Did you know that Sherwin Williams color of the month for June is Decisive Yellow?  It is described as a light-hearted yet confident color and is very pretty for those who like yellow tones.

Green is a color of nature and mixes well with many other colors.  It has a cooler healthy feeling and there are so many beautiful colors of green that it may be hard to find just the right one.

Red is a dramatic, warm and passionate color.  It is a great color for a dining room and you see the color red in many restaurants. Red accents can add excitement to a neutral room.

Blue is cool, peaceful and relaxing.  It is a great color for a bedroom or ladies dressing room.  There are many beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. A recent trend is to create a spa retreat in your Master Suite. Blue or aqua are great colors to create a soothing feel.


White is also a nice color. if you add other colors with it, you get a very dramatic room. 


This client wanted white walls and floors with accents of color.

Whatever you do, be sure to choose colors that uplift your spirits and make you feel good.   Yes, interior design can improve your life.



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