Find out how Interior design can improve your life with the use of artwork.

Making a decision on what kind of painting to have in your home or office is very important.  How do you want to feel in your office and what kind of feeling do you want in your home?  There are probably some very different answers for these two locations.

Paintings like color can affect the way you feel.  Some art makes you feel relaxed and contented while other art makes you feel energetic and ready to go.


  Did you ever notice at an art museum how different artwork affects you?  The French painter, Claude Monet, painted beautiful landscape scenes of water and flowers colored in blues, greens and roses.  Just looking at them gives you a sense of peace and serenity.  

On the other hand, some German artists painted scenes of war and violence.  They may give you a feeling of sadness or put you in a chaotic mood.

Robert I Peters said something very meaningful.  He said “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”  Design and artwork have the ability to create an atmosphere that represents the personality of the individuals who select it and the home in which they are hung.


There are 5 styles that encompass office as well as home culture.  They are Sophisticated, Casual and Natural, Creative and Bright, Chaotic Action and Calm and Peaceful.  Let’s take a look at these 5 styles.

1.  Creative and Bright

This type of art creates a sense of energy.  If you pick artwork that is full of movement you will feel more active, too.  There are many wonderful horse pictures that show movement and excitement.  Sometimes a water picture that depicts waves in the ocean will be very stimulating.  These bright and creative pictures can be in any color and can depict many actions.


2.  Casual and Natural

Neutral and light colored palettes are popular among these styles. This type of art can be more calming and even tempered.  It can help people feel good at work and get along better with others while working at a more even pace.

3.  Sophisticated

Sophisticated art is nice to have in an office or in a more formal room of your home.  Men or women who are elegantly dressed, beautiful home scenes or prints of famous paintings can all be very sophisticated.  Living rooms and dining rooms are nice rooms to house a more sophisticated piece of art.

4.  Chaotic Action

This type of art is seen in artwork based on fighting and battles.  There is usually a lot of detail in this and there can be sadness and blood, as well.

5.  Calm and Peaceful

Landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes–all will make you feel calmer,  (unless there is a storm depicted.)


There are many different types of art that can be used in your home or office.  There are wall sculptures, oil paintings, prints, etchings, and other works of art that can be painted on canvas, wood, aluminum, etc.

A professional interior designer can help you pick out the type of art for your home or office that will give you the feeling you desire and improve your life.   




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