Find out how interior design can improve your life with home organization.  

The organization is very important in today’s hectic world.  Smart decorating decisions can help you a lot with organizing your home.

Interior design can improve your life with Organization

This client wanted her master bath to be organized. This 3D rendering shows a lot of storage of organization.


One of the best ideas, especially if you have more than one child, is to have a toy/playroom that becomes a delegated “study room” as the children get older.

The study room should have a desk and chair for each child as well as a designated chest, closet, or drawers for all materials, such as paper, pencils, stapler, crayons, scissors, glue ( a glue stick is best because it is not so messy) and other items needed.

Having the paints, papers, and art supplies kept together in one area of the study room makes it easy to use the desktops as worktables for art projects and also keeps the mess confined to one space.


A mudroom is another important area to have in your home.

It is best to have it near the garage.  This is a place where kids can hang backpacks, coats, and scarves on hooks.  They also need a designated space for boots/tennis shoes and gloves.

It is a good idea to locate this mudroom at the back door where family members come in.  This will make it easy to use and the kids will get in the habit of hanging their coats, backpacks, etc.

We suggest kids’ toys and games be in a separate area such as a basement or an upstairs room over the garage.  That way, the toys, and games can all be organized on shelves or in baskets or plastic boxes.


Certain favorite toys and games can also be stored in the children’s bedrooms.  Some toys, such as stuffed animals, can be stored on the walls or hanging from the ceiling in netted bags.  Other items such as games can in stored on closet shelves. It is a really good idea to make a railing shelf that goes around the room.  That way, small trophies, and other items can be placed on the shelf to help decorate the room.


Kitchen organization is very important.  An interior designer and a kitchen designer can help you with the organization of your kitchen.  The goal is not just to make your kitchen beautiful, but also to make it organized and functional.  With proper planning, you can achieve both.

Interior design can improve your life with Organization

This is a 3D rendering of a kitchen for one of my clients. We added large pantries, glassed-in storage, and a coffee area.

You should let your designer know what items you need storage for, how you like to cook, and what appliances you will need.  Here are some questions to think about when remodeling your kitchen.

  1. Do you want a walk-in pantry?
  2. Maybe a dedicated baking area?
  3. Would you like a built-in pizza oven or espresso machine?
  4. Why not a butler’s pantry or a wine bar?
  5. Do you want divided vertical storage for baking sheets?
  6. You may want a recycling center.


There are a lot of options in today’s kitchens and it is important to prioritize and organize these decisions.

Built-in cabinets are another area where a professional interior designer can help.  They can design beautiful cabinets, but also meet your storage needs.  Will you need file drawers or storage for photo albums?

You may need a cabinet to display a collection or shelving for books.  Will you want to hide electronic equipment or design a cabinet for a television?

With proper planning and precise execution, built-in cabinets can add a lot of organization to your home.


We designed these built-ins to help with the organization of this game room.

Interior design can improve your life with Organization

In this 3D rendering, we show an organized Game Room

These are just some of the ways interior design can help you with the organization of your home and will ultimately help improve your life

I hope these photos and ideas have helped you think about how to get more organized in your home. We as interior designers can show you furniture that is not only beautiful but also more practical because it has more storage space in it.

Give me a call (Michael Foran, ASID – 469-269-3625), and let’s discuss how interior design can improve your life.

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