What are the interior design color trends for 2015?


Do you realize that in 2 more months it will be the beginning of 2015?  What color interior design trends will be popular in 2015?


Sherwin Williams put together 4 different color palettes to help inspire us.  They are:


For color inspiration we look to the earth and sky.  Whites, grays, and blues are all part of the Chrysalis collection.  These colors can create an oasis.  The paint colors included have names such as, Black Fox, Cotton White and Moody Blue.  Sherwin Williams also says that we are like a butterfy emerging from its cocoon , we are poised for change.  We seek a place where we can find balance and mindful living.

The 5 ideas that combine in the Chrysalis collection are deconstructed geometrics, blurred images, the mortal landscape, rebalancing and mindful living.



From space tourism to undersea resorts, we look to the beyond for this color palette.  “To boldly go where no man has gone before” is a phrase that we are living today.  It encompasses colors that are supernatural and magical.  This includes color names such as Cyberspace, Expressive Plum, Decorous Amber, and Watery.

This paint color collection has ideas taken from undersea development, aurora borealis, planetary pioneers, cosmic sport and space tourism. Sherwin Williams says that we will keep our focus on the heavens in the months ahead because of so many unusual astronomical and atmospheric events.



This color palette explores our fascination with the Tropics and the Rainforest.  We are trusting in the colors of nature to keep our spirits bright.  Bright florals, green spacess, urban environments are all colors that are included in the palette..  This includes colors such as Roycroft Bottle Green, Paradise, Wood Violet, Hubbard Squash, and Sedate Gray.

The Buoyant collection are that Happy Days are here again because we have weathered the recession. The ideas that go along with this collection are vintage tropical florals, vertical outdoors, beneficial botanicals, renewed optimism and respecting the rain forest.



We are eager to celebrate by using bold, ethnic-inspired colors, designs and crafts as well as a more Bohemian lifestyle.  From Frank Blue to Flying and Nifty Turqoise, there are many different colors in the collection.  Humorous Green, Decisive Yellow, Marquis Orange, Black Magic and Marshmallow are all color names in this Unrestrained Collection.

Clashing pulsing palettes, Graffiti chic, Heirloom modern, Joy of life, and Lighthearted luxury are all parts of the Unrestrained collection of paint colors.


These predicted color trends by Sherwin Williams for 2015 may be correct.  However, we advise our clients to choose a color that they personally like.  That is what is really important in todays homes.