COLORMIX 2016 was a seminar for interior design professionals.

We went to a wonderful seminar at the Dallas Design Center and listened to a great speaker from Sherwin Williams, saw an amazing slide show and had a delicious lunch while we connected with other design professionals in the area.



 The first new color palette revolved around a “State of Mind”.  It was called PURA VIDA or Pure Life and pertained to being unplugged, natural, wellness and spiritual.  

It represented being disengaged from our busy lives and nurturing ourselves and others by embracing downtime.

Grays evolving to shades of white and khaki, as well as blush tones were in this group of colors.  They used natural neutral materials and promoted healthy living so that everyone will or should, eat better and think positive thoughts.

The driver of this group is Technological Exhaustion.  We yearn for simplicity and want an unplugged state of mind.  This is shown by the idea of wireless homes in the future that will need no outlets.

The last driver of this color group is the Millenial Mindset.  They want healthy mind living.  7 out of 10 millenials want to learn how to keep their focus.  They want adaptive relaxation spaces where they can think and feel more deeply.

Lifes memories and adventures, pathways and passions are the most important things in life. We are hungry for a new orderliness, ready to make memories and enjoy the moment.

This group of colors has many monochromatic color schemes.  Many of the colors are calm and have alabaster and marble hues.

In summary, the elements that help us remember to live well, be well and stay well are important in creating spaces where we can unplug.  Colors of nomadic sand baths and holistic massage rooms help us to feed our spirit. 

MAS AMOR POR FAVOR is the next group of colors that was mentioned.  It is driven by social engagements, multi-family communal living and flower power.  This Pay It Forward idea began in Brazil and was meant to increase the world’s happiness.  If you post a photo of what makes you happy for 100 days, at the end of the time, you may actually be happier and more thankful for things.  

This palette connects across generations using cheeky pinks and dashing greens with a flower power that is crisply modern and soulfully vintage.  Many builders are now addressing this by building multi-generational homes with separate living areas as well as bedroom and bath areas.

The inspiration for this color palette is not only communal living but also to have an optimistic joyful attitude.  There are now clusters of homes and cottages that share an outside environment.  This makes it easy to have a gathering of friends outside your door.

The color combinations include super saturated colors as well as pretty pastels.  The materials used are fringed, tassels, floral, glossy painted metallics and are all used in playful combinations. 

Using acid green and pure aqua makes a super fun, happy pallette.  Our next blog will feature 2 more new and exciting color palettes that were mentioned at the Sherwin Williams Color Palette Seminar for 2016.

Interior design  colors of the year part 2.