The Sherwin Williams color seminar hosted by the Dallas Design World Center was very informative.  The 3rd color palette introduced was called NOUVEAU NARRATIVE.  

interior design colors of the year 2016 part 3

This palette was inspired by the Industrial Revolution.  We are now dusting off 20th century machinery and looking to the past in order to craft new aesthetics for the new century.

We want authenticity.  We want to support things made in the USA.  There is a skilled labor force and we want to recognize it.  North American Manufacturing is re-emerging as the Maker Movement.

Rugged determination, denim and olive, dusky wools and brass buttons are all part of this palette.  The Modern Maker movement matters because it is about new craftsmen learning old skills.  Vintage Thrift Stores are retail and Artisan collaborations that are reaching new markets.  They want to preserve the integrity of their designs.

The inspiration for this color palette is slow progression.  To be human made is important.  Rustic Traditional is warm, thoughtful and genuine.  We can seek out the maker of products in our city.

Olive can now be used as a neutral.  It takes green on a new adventure.  Americana Traditional colors are gaining popularity.

The next color palette was TRAJECTORY. Since the boundaries between art, science and business continue to blur, this color palette is a look at the future.  It is composed of shimmering pewter, icy blue, sophisticated plums and hues in stunning glossy finishes.

The number one driver of this color palette is hospitality and entertainment.  The second driver is science and technology.  Did you know that biomedical goats are being bred?  The new nano technology gives us products that are stronger and more valuable.  

There are only 6 colors in this palette.  They are influenced by textile chemical embellishments, crystals that can self craft, 3-D printing,and glass that is transformed and can change colors and shape shift.  

The textiles can be seen in metallic reds and blackberry.  The color of pewter cast metallic is also part of this color palette.

So, this concludes the 4 new color palettes for 2016 that have been introduced by Sherwin Williams. They are Pura Vida, Mas Amor, Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative, and Trajectory. 

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