Sherwin Williams Colormix 2016 is a collection of colors that will relate to everyone.  Colors are fun to work with.  They give us different feelings and affect the way we live.  Some people like bright vivid colors while others prefer more toned-down monochromatic colors.

Some people like pastels while others like deep rich tones.  When you are working with paint colors, you need to think about what colors you like and those you don’t like.  

Colormix 2016 by Sherwin Williams continues the optimistic spirit of 2015.  It’s color choices relay a passionate pursuit of happiness, mindfulness, indulgence and well-being.  

We are all embracing advance technology but we are also returning to quality personal connections as well as the beauty of handmade craftmanship.  We want things around us that ignite our passions and make us feel happy and healthy.

Here are the 4 types of color collections chosen by Sherwin Williams for interior design colors of the year 2016:

 interior design colors of the year 2016:

1.  Sheer Tones, marble hues, warm grays, khaki tones and blushed neutrals are colors found in PURE VIDA.  They are inspired by natural elements such as stone, alabaster and sand, as well as natural fibers such as cotton and jute.

The things that drive PURE VIDA are unplugging from the rat race, natural healing and homeopathy and health and wellness.  These colors are great to use in adaptive relaxation spaces in healthcare and hospitality, as well as in our own homes.  

2.  MAS AMOR POR FAVOR is another color palette that includes dashing greens, cheeky pinks and lots of flower colors.  It is bright and pretty to look at.

The things that drive this color collection are apartment and condo living which is multigenerational as well as creative place-making.  This was influenced by the 100 Happy Days campaign which started in California. 

In this color collection we come together to rediscover the pleasures of intimate gatherings, personalized outdoor weddings,and  garden parties.  This palette of color connects across generations with a flower power that is as crisply modern as it is vintage.

3.  The colors of NOUVEAU NARRATIVE are olive, denim, dusky wools and brass.  This color palette celebrates the return of skilled labor, and an appreciation for quality craftmanship and small-batch production.

The things that drive this color palette are retail/artisan collaborations, curated thrift stores and the Maker Movement.  The influencers are white oak cone mills denim and Austin, Texas as well as Nashville, Tennessee.

4.  Icy blues, shimmering pewter and sophisticated plums are in the pallete called TRAJECTORY. The boundaries between art, science and commerce continue to blur and materials combine to expand the possible. The future keeps coming in more mysterious hues in stunning gloss finishes. 

If you go to sherwinwilliams or to you will be able to see more of the 4 color collections for 2016.