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How can the best interior design firms help you with your interior design project?


This is a list of what to expect from the best interior design firms.

1. Detailed space planning.

Professional interior designers will draw a floor plan (with CAD) that will show you how your furniture will be placed and how furniture groupings will work for conversation, reading, and TV viewing. These drawings can also be used

Floor plan Foran Interior Design

This is a floor plan I did for a project using CAD.

for remodeling like cabinet placement and interior wall changes.


2. 3D Renderings

The best designers will be able to do photo-realistic renderings of your space. This is very helpful in helping the client visualize their space. This is also a great way to tweak a design and make it better. Once a CAD drawing is done, it is very easy to change finishes and other details.

Interior design firm Foran Interior Design

I designed this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug, and accessories. This is a rendering from the above floor plan.

Interior Design Firm Rochester Hills, MI

This is also a 3D rendering from the above floor plan. Outdoor home design

3. Assistance with remodeling contractors

A professional designer will have good scores for contractors, painters, tile installers, carpet installers, and other sub-contractors.

4. Selection service for new homes or remodeling jobs

An interior design firm can help you with selecting countertops to help you choose the perfect flooring.  They can help you with the color selections for your design project.  Make sure you get help with paint colors. It can be a huge costly mistake if you get the wrong. Pick someone who has experience in picking out paint colors.


5.  Great sources for furniture, accessories, and artwork.

A few interior designers know how to buy directly from the manufacturers. This can save you lots of money. They will also know good quality from bad. Experienced designers will not only know great furniture but will also have great scores for accessories, lighting, and flooring. The top designers go to home furnishing markets every year.  That way they will be able to recommend to perfect item for you.

Interior Design Firm Rochester Hills, MI

Interior Design Firm Rochester Hills, MI photo credit: Beth Singer Photography



5. Consultation services

An interior designer may also offer a consultation service as a stand-alone service.  They may help you with designing cabinets, selecting paint colors, or remodeling design.


6.  Problem-Solving

In the above photo, we changed a little used traditional living room into a wine lounge. I believe all rooms should be used and should be functional.

Interior Design Firm Rochester Hills, MI – by Michael Foran, ASID

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