McKinney TX Interior Designers Can Solve Problems

A professional interior designer can help you with your design problems and save you money by avoiding costly mistakes.

McKinney TX Interior Designers Can Solve Problems

Design problem: Little used formal living room. Solution: Wine/music lounge. A great place to entertain. See the before below. photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

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Here are some of the interior design problems that we have encountered when working with clients.

1.  A lack of storage space
2.  A lack of room to walk thru a particular room or area.
3.  A lack of proper lighting
4.  An odd-shaped room that is hard to decorate.
5.  A lack of workflow in the kitchen area
6.  A lack of color flowing from one room to another.


Some of these problems are easy to take care of but others are very hard and take a lot of thought.  If you create a good interior design plan, you can help minimize these decorating problems.

One of the best ways to address storage space is to make built-ins part of your overall plan.  If you plan the design of your built-ins to complement your other furnishings, you will end up with an attractive, functional space.

One of the biggest problems that we see as interior designers is a poorly laid-out floor plan.

Certain dimensions must be met to have a space that is easy to walk through. For instance, you need at least two and a half feet for the major traffic patterns in your room.

Lighting is another area that is very important in your home.

Do you need general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, or mood lighting? This is also part of your overall plan that needs to be taken into account.

If you have an odd-shaped room, you don’t want to do it symmetrically.

You should try to use things in the room that complement each other, not try to duplicate them. An asymmetrical room can be very interesting and attractive.

The kitchen is probably the most important space to plan correctly.

Certain dimensions need to be met to have an efficient kitchen. The dimensions between the kitchen countertops and the island countertop should be 42 inches unless there is a dishwasher that opens up in that area.  Then the dimension should be 48 inches.  There are many more areas in the kitchen that need proper planning. The kitchen is a room where professional help is a must.

Creating a color scheme is one of the first things that we as interior designers plan out.

This is a decision that you want to be sure you get right. Different colors affect the way you feel. You might want a more peaceful color in a bedroom and a more invigorating color in a dining area.  However, the colors must flow from room to room. You need to choose the colors that you want to work with your house. You can play up or play down color in each room to create interest from room to room.

When you have a design problem, a professional interior designer can offer you solutions that you may not have considered as an option. 

Interior designers travel to different trade shows, attend seminars and maintain large libraries of catalogs and samples to choose from.  They can save you, the client, the effort of research, and the cost of travel to get what you need.  Designers can offer solutions and products that aren’t seen in the stores you visit.  They give you a professional opinion and input on a major purchase so that you have confirmation that you are solving your design problem most effectively.

Can you afford to make a costly design mistake?  Interior designers have the knowledge and experience to narrow down the selections for you to choose from.

This eliminates the possibility of a poor purchasing decision.  Interior designers know the quality that different furniture manufacturers have and can help you choose good quality furniture.

A professional interior designer will measure carefully and create a scaled furniture plan before ordering any furniture to make sure everything will fit and that there will be plenty of room to get around in the room.  This in itself will save you a lot of money.  You will not buy oversized furniture or too much furniture for your room because it will be all planned out to scale just for your room.  Furniture looks quite different in a store than it will in your room.  It will be affected by the light, the paint color, and the ceiling height. Sometimes what looks great on a showroom floor will not look good in your home.  Professional interior designers always take this into account and plan accordingly.

If you want to save money and avoid costly mistakes, hire a professional interior designer to help with your next design project.

Interior designers can help you have a beautiful home

McKinney TX Interior Designers Can Solve Problems

I design the master bath using computer-aided design to show the client would be able to visualize her space. Problem solved.

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