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Everyone is staying home a lot more because of the Coronavirus.  An interior designer can help you create fun rooms in your home.  What kind of fun rooms would you like?

Yoga studio

The bedroom changed into a Yoga Studio

Often some rooms are not being used in your home.  With the help of your interior designer, these areas can be transformed into a space that will be fun for everyone.

In this blog, we will discuss exciting interior design ideas to create fun and functional rooms that you can make in your home. A reading room, a conversation area, and a wine lounge can all be in one or separate areas of your home, but they all need comfortable seating. They can be multi-functional rooms that will serve more than one purpose.

An interior designer can help you choose the level of comfort you want to meet your needs.  “Comfort is King” is an old saying, but it is still very accurate.  That is where these rooms differ.  You may want a swivel chair or rocker in your conversation area but don’t want it in your reading room.  The lounge room needs to be very comfortable, and you may wish to have some lounge chairs.

Regarding lighting, a reading room will need different lighting than a wine lounge.  You may want to dim the lights in your wine lounge and close the drapes to make it more inviting, comfortable, and relaxing.

A reading room needs good lighting for reading.  A conversation area may be lighter during the day with more subdued lighting at night.

Below are some CAD (computer-aided design) photos I have designed to give you creative interior design solutions for fun and functional rooms.

1  A Game / Sports Room

A lot of Dallas area homes have game rooms. Why not set up these rooms to be more fun and functional?  Make the space fit your family’s interests. Does your family like to play games? How about a Game Night? Does your family like to watch sports? Then set up the room with multiple TVs and comfortable seating. You could also add a shuffleboard table.

Fun-Functional Rooms-Foran Interior Design

Fun and Functional Game Room


2.  A Conversation Room

The below room is a photo of a space being switched from a seldom-used formal living room into a conversation room. This is a great place to sit with friends and catch up on their lives. It is also a nice quiet place to read a book.

Conversation Room


3.  A Reading Room or Wine Lounge

Most newer homes have extensive dinette areas and island counters seating. Dining rooms are not being used as much as in the past. Below are a few ways to take a seldom-used dining room and turn it into a Reading Room or a Wine Lounge. Most of these were narrow rooms, so we used a floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall. This will have the effect of doubling the space. You always want to use the mirrored wall on the long wall.
Wine lounge

This is a 3D rendering to show how to change a small dining room into a conversation/wine lounge.

The above Reading Room is a great place to sit down with a book or a tablet and enjoy a good story. A room like this is also a good place for photo frames of your family. You could also showcase a collection that is important to you. How about an antique book collection?

4.   A Home Theater

Many new homes have a Home Theater / Media Room on the first floor. These more uniquely designed home theaters are not as large as the dedicated ones of the past. They are easier to get to because they are on the first floor and can be a fun place for friends and family. They will not have seating for 12, but they can be set up for multi-functional use. The below CAD photos show how you can make these rooms fun and functional.

Home theater

This home theater is also a good place for entertaining, exercising, dancing, doing yoga, watching movies, or watching the news in the morning.



The above media room is set up for watching movies, entertaining, exercising, and dancing. Why not put a partial wood floor for exercising or dancing?

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