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Exciting interior design ideas for New Homes

I put together some CAD (computer-aided design) presentations to show you different ways you can add exciting interior design ideas to your new home. You do not have to set up your rooms in the same boring ways of the past. Why not make the rooms in your new home more functional and fun?

Sports / Game Room

Game Room Bar Design

Why not take your game room and make it into something fun? The room above is designed to be a Sports / Game room with a shuffleboard table, multiple TVs, lots of seating, and tables and chairs. Can you say Super Bowl Party?

Living Room / Conversation Room

If you have a living room and a family room, you can set up your living room as a non-TV room. You can make it into a conversation room or maybe a wine lounge.

Art Gallery in Your Hall

A lot of new homes today have large hallways that take you from the foyer to the family room/kitchen area. Builders want to create a spacious open look when you come into the home. These wide hallways are a great place to have an Art Gallery. This shouldn’t be just pictures. It should be an artwork that inspires you and leads to self-expression.

Conversation / TV room.

Your family room doesn’t have to be centered around the TV. Sure you need to see the TV, but why not use 4 swivel recliners (shown above) that can turn towards the TV or turn to make a conversational grouping?

Booth for Your Dinette

Everybody likes sitting at a booth. You go into a restaurant and they ask you if you want to sit in a booth. Most people say yes because they are more comfortable and they feel cozy. It is a great place to sit and have a cup of coffee and check out the news on your phone.

Video / Game Room

If you have teenagers at home you might want to turn an extra bedroom or game room into a Video / Game room. This would be a good way to keep the kids at your house.

Our goal is to come up with creative solutions for our clients.

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