Many of us enjoy making New Year Resolutions.  Why not make resolutions about interior design for 2016?


Here are 6 interior design resolutions for 2016.

1.  Better organization.  If you want to be better organized you probably need more storage.  In order to have more storage you should buy furniture pieces with lots of storage in them.  Sometimes you can get an armoire, put it in a hallway and put photo albums and pictures inside.  This will help you get more organized and know where everything is.

2.  Fresh paint colors and wallpaper.  If you want to freshen up a room, this is an easy way to do it.  The 2016 colors of the year were announced by Pantone recently.  The 2 color shades are Rose Quartz which is a pale pink and Serenity, which is a soft blue.  The movement toward less bold and more subtle hues is becoming more popular.  It will help you create a more soothing atmosphere in your home.


3.  Update and Change your bedding and the whole bedroom will become new and more exciting.  Just remember that your bedding colors still need to go with your draperies and any upholstered chairs you may have in the room.  Of course, you can always reupholster the chairs to go with the new bedding,


4.  Add new lamps and amazing accessories and interesting artwork.  Lamps can be a lot of fun and can change a room quite a bit.  In fact, sometimes just changing the shade will do the trick.  

5.  Add exciting rugs to your foyer, dining area or great room.  If you want a different look, layering a rug will work well.  

6.  For more outdoor excitement add a fire pit, hammock, rocker or swing to your outdoor area.  Fire pits are always fun and will work in early spring and late fall as well as summer.  Outdoor pizza ovens and outdoor stoves are becoming almost as popular as grills.  More time spent outdoors will be healthy for everyone in the family.


I hope this has given you a few interior design ideas to use to make your home even better in 2016.