What is my interior design style?

The styles below are some of my client’s homes and represent different interior design styles.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

What is my interior design style?

I designed this eclectic look for one of my client’s. It is a mixture of different styles. The sofa, coffee table, and chairs are traditional while the artwork, rug, end tables, and accent color (orange) are transitional. This is a look that has a creative feel but is still very comfortable and easy to live with.

Transitional Interior Design Style

McKinney Texas Interior Designer

I designed this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client wanted a transitional look.

This is a popular look today. This look sometimes gets confused with contemporary. Transitional is very clean looking, but not as hard-edged as contemporary. Transitional still has some traditional influences and can have soft lines. Most importantly, there should be less detail. Colors can be fun and accessories should be artistic.


Contemporary Interior Design

Interior Design Consultation Dallas

Interior Design Consultation Dallas

Contemporary is always changing, but it usually has straighter lines, polished metal, harder edges and white backgrounds. For instance, it is a great look for someone who likes to collect contemporary artwork. Brightly colored accents add interest to the look.


Traditional Interior Design

What is my interior design style?

Most traditional interior design is made up of period furniture of the 18th and 19th century from Europe and America. There will be carving and large detailed moldings. It has a classic look and will never go out of style. The look is rich and dramatic. Colors are rich, but not too bright. Detailed and dramatic draperies are used. The accessories are layered and can be ornate. I designed the space for one of my client’s.


Soft Feminine French Design Style

French Style Dressing Room

This feminine French style uses soft shades of blue and aqua mixed with off white. Moreover, his look is all about soft colors and soft French lines. The chair has beautiful hand carved detail and the chest is hand painted. Similarly, the draperies are made of a soft flowing print fabric hung on a beautiful wood pole. The look is finished with a French painting and crystal chandelier.


Old English

What is my interior design style?

This look incorporates English styled furnishings, rugs, and fabrics fabrics. This room is an up-to-date Old English style with lighter backgrounds.

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In conclusion, you need to think about which style will be best for you.

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