There were many exciting and new interior design trends seen at the 2016 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market this year. Here are some of the trends we noticed.

1.  Transitional settings

2.  Serene simplicity

3.  Nature-inspired motifs

4.  Unique lighting

 Consumers are seeking a counter-balance to the dehumanizing effects of high technology.  They are seeking serene simplicity in their environments and a sense of individuality to affirm their uniqueness. Transitional settings seem to have more straight lines and appeal to those who want simplicity. 


Calming colors and cleaner-lined transitional styles are gaining popularity. This is especially true with the millenials.  The neutral colored sectional above was shown at the Design Directions showroom. 

Products inspired by nature continues to be a big trend at the Dallas Market. Authentic materials and natural aesthetics have tremendous momentum in the marketplace now.  This means things like repurposed wood, minerals, seeds, blooms, insects and marine life. 

Nature-inspired motifs and earth friendly materials are layered alongside elements that reflect personal preferences and interests. The fabulous “Forest Table Console” shown below was featured at the Ambella Home Collection.


In the photo below, this wonderful wall art shown above a small unique wood console, displays how artwork can depict nature. Notice the wire birds on the console. This was from the Phillipps Collection.



There were so many fabulous and unique lighting pieces at the Dallas Market. There were chandeliers that were made to represent jelly fish and beautiful blue bubble chandeliers. There were one-of-a-kind chandeliers that had shells as part of the light shades. The photo below has an interpretation of a jelly fish in a shimmering chandelier and was seen at Currey & Company. 


 INSPIRATIONS FROM NATURE have become a great way to keep us grounded in this hectic, fast-paced world we live in.  Some of the best ideas are in the abundant organic patterns and rich colors all around us.

What inspires you?  Maybe it is something old or something from nature. We are always looking for new ideas from market to inspire you to try new things with your home decor. What is your interior design style?

 This is the beginning of a series of articles about interesting pieces that we saw at the 2016 Dallas Total Home & Gift Show.  Interior designers from around the country as well as big and small retailers go to the market.  There are many showrooms packed with new and unique product from the United States and around the world.