Interior Design Trends are in a state of constant change.  They are seldom permanent.  Here are some of the interior design trends for 2016.


The live edge dining table is one of the trends we will be seeing in 2016.

No more working on your laptop in bed in 2016.  The bedroom should be used for sleeping and dreaming and other fun stuff, but not working. That is why great home desks will be a popular trend in 2016. 

There are now so many delightful desks in styles that will fit right into your home decor. Some are high gloss, high powered versions while others have a vintage quality.  If it’s a more rustic desk you need, even they are available through your interior design professional.  They are all designed to make 2016 your most productive year ever.



Distinctive and glamorous looks are trending for 2016.  Sparkly metallics are shimmering into interior design from textiles to accessories. Hard-working fabrics can still look glamorous.  For example, glamorous shimmery fabrics can be practical, hard-working and essential in every interior.  There are elegant plain satins as well as linen looks with either glazed or relaxed finishes.

Metallic metals are still very popular in 2016.  Gold, copper, steel and platinum all go together if you want your room to shine.  Metallic sheen looks great in fabrics as well as in accessories and lighting 

There are new bed linens that are anything but plain.  Boudoir shams and cotton sateen gives glamour to your bedding. Warm metals such as brass and warm gold tones are here to stay.  Copper and bronze as well as rose tones will also be popular. 


  2016 is the year of the pendant and statement lighting.  There are so many different styles to choose from.  Pretty pendant lights make a statement even more than classic chandeliers but both will be used in 2016.


 This light was inspired by jellyfish and adds a bit of sparkling glamour to any room.





The pendant lights above are unique and beautiful.

Pedestals will be a popular trend in 2016. Who doesn’t need a pedestal for that one corner that seems to be missing something? Or who doesn’t love having matching pedestals on each side of their door? Pedestals are a great place to put a sumptious sculpture, a pretty plant or a vivacious vase.

Another 2016 trend is delft pottery from 17th century Holland.  It will be seen in fabrics, wallpaper, pottery and wall tiles. Inky blue and soft white preserve charming depictions of country life. It is becoming a popular trend,

Another important trend is the desire to get better sleep and design bedrooms to be havens of calm.  That is why black out shades are gaining popularity.  It is a fact that people sleep better and longer in a very dark room.

People want their bedrooms to be serene and peaceful.  In order to have a more calming atmosphere, people are looking for the very best mattresses and pillows. There is now airflow technology in some of the memory foam pillows that will keep you cool at night.

Wallpapers will have four distinct trends in 2016.  They will be:

1.  Faux marble wallpaper and paper that looks like other natural surfaces

2.  Retro geometrics

3.  Metallic patterns

4.  Sweet pastel designs

The color palette for 2016 is filled with shades of pink, red and peach.  Green oil, navy and deep blue will trend with calm and coolness in accesories and objects.

Hand loomed, hand crafted products made from natural fibers will be popular in 2016.  The interior design world wants to support local artisans and more products that are designed by hand will be incorporated into interiors.

Guatemalan fabrics are becoming trendier in 2016.  Colorful weaving has been part of the fabric of Mayan life for thousands of years.

Organic shapes and live edge tables are still on trend in 2016.  Natural edge or live edge is a style of furniture where the carpenter incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the furniture piece, whether it is a table, a bench or a headboard.

You may be able to see the profile of the tree that yielded the wood for the piece. When you examine the edges of the wood slabs, the rough, thick texture of the tree’s surface is still visible.  The natural origins of the wood are visible and of course, these are all one of a kind furniture pieces and can be purchased through your interior designer.


There are so many new interior design trends that you may or may not incorporate into your new home.  Remember, a trend is only great if YOU like it!