What are the hot interior design trends for 2017? 

Accent furniture is a very hot item for many consumers.  They want that one piece that stands out in their room. It may be a different color or a unique style or even an antique, but it will be an important accent piece in the room. 

Accent furniture such as a green or red or turquoise accent chest can be made and used independent of a whole bedroom set or dining room collection.  There’s much more creativity being shown in accent pieces. They can be silver or gold and look like a luxury piece in your home.

Turquoise chest.jpg

We placed this turquoise chest in our client’s foyer.




Rugs are also an exciting category in home furnishings.  Better quality artwork, gorgeous mirrors and other wall decor is also an important part of client’s homes.

2017 Upholstery has many new styles and fabrics.  Because many clients have more relaxed and casual lifestyles, they like great design, dramatic colors, and authentic materials that are being presented.

Interior design trends-157208-edited.jpg

Some of the new upholstery introductions for 2017 feature cleaner lines that lean transitional but are decidedly classic.  There are also many performance textiles, such as Sunbrella and Crypton Home that are being introduced.  

Chandeliers and ceiling lighting can really make a room.  People are using chandeliers in every room of the house, including foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and of course, dining areas. 

lighting at the Dallas Market 2017-357520-edited.jpg

This is a chandelier that we saw at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market.

The defining trend in lighting for 2017 is that there is no defining trend.  Clients want a wide variety of looks.  More on this on our next blog which will be on New Lighting Trends.

Decorative pieces, tabletop and pillows are also popular categories and give people a way to change their room for the season and get a fresh new look.

Having a well accessorized home is important to almost everyone.  Making an investment in home accents and accessories may lead you to contact a professional interior designer to help you choose your items carefully.  They go to many markets each year and see the latest and greatest in home accessories.

What is hot as far as colors and styles in home furnishings?  There is an exciting shift toward color in general.  Colors such as brights, primary colors and jewel tones are popular. Blue in any and all shades remains a very hot color.

As for style trends, an eclectic look remains popular and is important to people. Clients like to mix materials and textures to make their room more unique.  This is where working with an interior designer can also help you alot.  

Our clients tell us that family and home are the things that are most important to them.  That is why we as interior designers try to enhance their lifestyles by making them very comfortable and happy in their home.  Call an interior designer to set up an appointment today. 


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