home furnishing markets

What is it like to attend the High Point International Home Furnishing Market?

Well, it is very exciting, inspiring and exhausting, There was plenty of excitement in High Point, NC, where the International Furniture Market takes place twice a year for interior designers and furniture retailers. The Market is over 11,000,000 sq feet (yes I did say 11 million square feet) with showrooms spread out over many miles.  It can be pretty confusing for buyers who are new to the market because there is so much there.  There are buildings that have higher end furniture and ones that have lower priced furnishings. Some of the manufactures have their own building. There are also many show rooms for home accessories, lighting and rugs.

Here are a few of the buildings at the high point 2014 home furnishings market.



This is the IHFC building and it is a lot bigger than it looks in this photo. It has over 3.5 million square feet of show space, including InterHall, The Pavilions and hundreds of permanent showroom spaces.