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We saw many beautiful desks and credenzas for Home Offices while at the 2014 Home Furnishings Market.  

They were all styles and shapes.  Some had file cabinets, while others had bar cabinets. There was some office furniture that was European farmhouse influenced.  They were made with oak hardwood solids. Others had a traditional roll-top design and modern function together which created a workspace for a mobile lifestyle. Some were corner desks while others were computer tables that could be adjusted to your particular function. There were also contemporary styled writing desks that featured clean lined wood pieces on metal bases.  


The desk above features wood with metal and is a contemporary style. The bookcase behind it makes the office complete.

This blog is Part 2 of the Plano Interior Designer Report on 2014 Home Furnishings Market

CASEGOODS--What we saw

There were lots of snazzy new casegoods.  Mid-century modern is still around, as is neotraditional and contemporary design elements.  There were also plenty of European traditional pieces (such as English country style)  and Hollywood Glam styles. Mirrored accents and silver leaf finishes adorn the glam-inspired looks that combine mixed media and colorful accent finishes.

Glam influences could be seen on mirrored accents on bed posts, dining table legs, and the door fronts of case pieces.  Mirrored accents and silver leaf finishes adorned the casegoods and have plenty of Bling..


This glamorous bed is inspired by the Hollywood legend, Humphry Bogart.  Notice the beautiful tray on the bed.

What is it like to attend the High Point International Home Furnishing Market?

Well, it is very exciting, inspiring and exhausting, There was plenty of excitement in High Point, NC, where the International Furniture Market takes place twice a year for interior designers and furniture retailers. The Market is over 11,000,000 sq feet (yes I did say 11 million square feet) with showrooms spread out over many miles.  It can be pretty confusing for buyers who are new to the market because there is so much there.  There are buildings that have higher end furniture and ones that have lower priced furnishings. Some of the manufactures have their own building. There are also many show rooms for home accessories, lighting and rugs.

Here are a few of the buildings at the high point 2014 home furnishings market.



This is the IHFC building and it is a lot bigger than it looks in this photo. It has over 3.5 million square feet of show space, including InterHall, The Pavilions and hundreds of permanent showroom spaces. 

What style do you and your spouse want in your home?

"How can my spouse and I agree on a interior design style?" is a question that designers run into all the time. Sometimes couples do not agree and  do not like the same styles of furniture.. There are so many different styles to choose from that deciding on the right one may be hard to do.  That is where a professional interior designer may be able to help you.
The room above could please the spouse that wants traditional warmth and comfort, while pleasing the other spouse who wants bright accents and contemporary artwork.

Beautiful drapery treatments make a big difference in a high end interior design project.


Luxury home owners are looking for beautiful drapery treatments that will enhance the architecture of their homes. The design of the draperies, beautiful fabric and the fine details of trim and tassels are what makes the difference. Below are examples of how we have designed draperies for our clients' luxury homes.