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I have been a professional interior designer for over 30 years and during this time I have worked with wonderful people on their luxury homes.  Here are some photos of high end luxury interior design and the details that make up great design. Luxury-high-end-interior-design All high end interior design is made up of many special details. The room above has many luxury details . from the ceiling, the fireplace, the draperies, the furniture, the lighting, and the flooring.

Many of my clients want traditional high end furniture.  Some of them want luxury, and almost all of them want comfort in their home furnishings.  How do I help them achieve this in their new home?

What I like to do is to sit down with my clients and talk to them about what they want in their home.  I ask them what styles of furniture they like and if they can show me pictures of styles they like, it makes it even easier.  I also ask them what type of entertaining they do and how many people they would like to seat..  I ask them how they use their home and what type of use it gets, for example, normal use or hard use.  I also ask them what type of comfort and luxury they want in their home

Many homeowners are unsure of how to decorate their 2 story foyer.

Many homeowners are unsure of how to decorate their two story entryway.  Tall foyers are puzzling because there is a lot of space but not much room for furniture,  These foyers have tall walls of drywall, large front doors, archways and staircases that extend out into the foyer.  That is a lot of elements to deal with.  The best way to solve the problem is to break it down into the parts of a room.

Luxurious custom bedding, a feel of comfort, great style and romance are all things that you may want in your custom bedding in your Master Bedroom.

What will add comfort and a luxurious feel to your custom bedding?
Down filling and soft fabrics will definitely add comfort.  Beautiful soft fabrics and exciting trims on your pillows will add luxury.  Since professional interior designers have access to custom sewing services and a plethora of new and exciting fabrics they can select fabrics and trims that are perfect for the bedrooms of the luxury client.