Interior Design Pricing McKinney TX

Interior Design Pricing – How much will it cost to furnish and decorate my room? You don’t have to be rich to work with an interior designer.

Interior Design Pricing McKinney TX

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug and accessories. This also makes it easier to price the room.


The budget for your interior decorating project may include furniture, rugs, lighting, window treatments and accessories.

How much is it going to cost to decorate my room?

This is a very important question and one that is very difficult to answer.  If you have watched any of the decorating programs on TV you will know that there are a lot of interior design price options. Even a change in a fabric can add 50% to the cost of a sofa. A table made in the United States might cost a lot more than an import. However, if you get a high quality custom table from Italy, England or other European countries, they may cost even more.

It is important to do some creative collaboration when working with your interior designer.  Be sure to discuss the budget and decide on what you want it to be.  A professional interior designer is a service oriented professional and wants to give you good service and also get paid.  The primary goal of your interior designer should be to transform your room or home into the home of your dreams.

With that said, I will do my best to give an average price of some of the quality interior design projects I have worked on recently. All of the interior design prices I am giving you are with quality home furnishings because I believe that is the best value in the long run.

Even though I am giving you pricing with quality home furnishings, pricing can still vary because of luxury detailing, expensive fabrics and exotic materials. I will give you the pricing with a quality, high quality and luxury label. I will also give you the pricing with our normal discount (40% off retail on most furniture).

Next I would present the floor plan and the furnishings in a presentation to you, and after you make the decisions, I would order the furniture, handle the shipping and delivery and be there at the final set up in your home.

Living Room / Great Room Pricing

This usually includes: 1 Sofa, 2 chairs, 1 small accent chair, 2 end tables, 1 small accent table, 3 lamps, coffee table, draperies, rug, credenza, accessories and artwork (room 25′ x 15′)

Average price range – Quality: $20,000. High Quality: $30,000. Luxury: $50,000.+

Formal Dining Room Pricing

This usually includes: Dining table, 8-10 chairs, china cabinet, server, rug, draperies, accessories and draperies

Average price range – Quality: $18,000. High Quality: $28,000. Luxury: $50,000.+

Master Bedroom Pricing

This usually includes: 1 King bed, 2 night stands, dresser, chair, 2 lamps, custom bedspread, draperies and artwork

Average price range – Quality:  $16,000. High Quality: $25,000. Luxury: $40,000.+

As you can see from the options quoted above, there can be a lot of difference in pricing. This is only for quality furniture.  No one wants to spend their money on something that isn’t going to last.

A professional interior designer can help you save time and money by handling all the details. From ordering to the final installation in your home, an interior designer can help you with everything and make it much easier for you.


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