Where can the interior designers in Dallas find their inspiration?


There are so many places in this great city to find ways to inspire us to come up with new ideas and fuel our creativity.Interior_designers_find_inspiration_at_the_Nasher_Sculpture_Center.jpg


In interior design we work with the elements (form, space, light, color, line and texture) and principles (rhythm, scale, balance, variety, harmony and emphasis) of design. This is why some rooms look great and others don’t. Artwork follows the same principles and studying great works of art is inspiring and educational. 

It is easy to find inspiration in the heart of the downtown Dallas growing Arts District.  Not only is there a permanent collection of magnificent art at the Dallas Museum of Art but there is also the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

Artwork can make you passionate and bring out emotions. It can inspire you and bring out creativity. Interior designers will be influenced by different materials, textures, forms and colors. Seeing great art at The Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Museum of Art definitely inspires me.

The Nasher Sculpture Center hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year and I would highly recommend it for people of all ages and interests.  You can go to nashersculpturecenter.org for more details.

The Center opened in 2003 and is the first institution dedicated to modern and contemporary sculpture exclusively.  It occupies a full city block in downtown Dallas.  It has indoor and outdoor spaces with big beautiful windows between the two.

There were many sculptures from famous artists whom you have probably heard of such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, David Smith, Alberto Giacometti and Joan Miro.


 This sculpture is titled Head of a Woman by Pablo Picasso, a Spaniard who sculpted it in 1909.  This displays the elements of design in texture and form.


 The emphasis and harmony of design is displayed in this sculpture made of carrara marble which was titled “Anatomia 5”.  This was part of a series of marble carvings that Giuseppe Penone sculpted in the 1990s.Designers_at_the_Nasher_Sculpture_Garden.-373323-edited.jpg

This is an example of one of the principals of design.  Rhythm (repetition) of design is shown in these outdoor sculptures at the Nasher Sculpture Gardens.  They were done by Magdalena Abakanowicz.  in1990. The sculptures were titled “Bronze Crowd”.



Who wouldn’t be inspired by this beautiful setting?  The sculpture is by Henry Moore.  

The Dallas Museum of Art has 4 levels of permanent art collections to inspire you.  There is Ancient American Art and American Art which includes furniture, ceramics, glass and an internationally renowned collection of 19th and 20th century American silver. This is in addition to the paintings by O’Keefe, Wyeth, Church, Sargent and Hopper.

You can explore the arts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific by looking at ancient Egyptian and Jubian sculpture, funerary objects and jewelry.  The Pacific collection includes stellar sculpture and metalwork from Southeast Asia, (primarily Indonesia).  

The Wendy and Emery Reves Collection has paintings by Renoir, van Gogh, Cezanne, Rodin and Pissarro,

There are also works of ancient Mediterranean and European art.  This also includes 20th century works by Picasso, Giacometti, Leger, and Modrian.

One of the largest collections of post 1945 art in the Southwest includes masterpieces by Pollock, Johns, and Richter. .  


 These are front doors from the Robert R. Blacker house in Pasadena, California.  It is an Arts and Crafts display and was seen in the movie “Back to the Future”.  Inspiration for interior designers

 This French Impressionistic painting is titled “Ville Buona” and was painted in 1884.  The colors are very soothing and are as popular today as they were many years ago.


 This sculpture is found in the outdoor part of the Dallas Museum of Art. The name of it is “Figure for Landscape” and it was done in 1960.


 This is called the “Jazz Bowl” and was created by Viktor Schreckengost. Images of signs, musical instruments, lightposts, and various other images capture the feeling of an evening’s indulgence in New York City in the 1930’s.


 Points of different colors create a beautiful scene of apple picking in the French countryside.This exploration of color and optics was known as neo-impressionism.   It was painted by Cammille Pissarro in 1888.

We recommend going to the art galleries in downtown Dallas.  The Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center are two of the best places to be inspired.  They have magnificent displays of artwork and sculptures.  

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