New features for kitchen design trends for 2015


What new features are most popular in 2015?  Computer area and recharging stations were the features with the greatest jump in popularity.  LED lighting continues to reign as the most popular feature in lighting in both kitchen and bath design.


This client wanted a light kitchen with stylish lighting, tile and counter tops.



There is also a growing preference toward gathering in dining areas rather than the living room.  This means that more lifestyle and entertainment features are being installed in the kitchen.  Wine coolers and areas to have your coffee or hot drink stations are becoming popular.  


The kitchen is now being revived as the “hearth of the home” in the traditional sense.  It is being used for family gathering, for entertaining and for daily activities.  Many kitchen or dinette areas include a television or music player  (such as Bose) to use at different times of the day or evening.  


As far as tile for the 2015 kitchen and baths, one of the most popular new looks is “dimensional tile”.  This is tile which looks like it has more than one dimension.  Although many neutrals are being shown, such as grays, creams and khakis, there are also tiles with lots of texture, intricate patterns and shiny metallic finishes,  


This client wanted dimensional slate tile mixed with two coordinating gramite counter tops.


There are also some glamorous formica laminates being shown, as well as some interesting color and pattern combinations.  Blues and greys, maroons and creams, are all being shown.


There are also appliances that now come in a lot of different colors, such as burnt orange, khaki green and marsala .Stainless steel appliances are still the choice that is most popular in kitchen renovations today.


 Like appliances and kitchen cabinets, sinks come in many colors instead of the basic white or stainless steel.  If you use a colorful sink, you can pop a small amount of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen.  You can also make the sink more of a focal point by using the same color in the backsplash.


The new fixtures that are now available are amazing.  Some of single handled while other stick to the 2 handled option.  There is a huge variety of choice in colors, such as nickle, brass, stainless steel, antigued brass, etc.

If you like modern design and functuality, there is plenty of that in kitchen cabinets.  There are now hydraulic, easy to close doors that fold up and out of the way, with a touch of a button.  These cabinets are great for kitchens that lack space.  


You can add automation to your kitchen design.  There are sensor-activated lights that light up the kitchen only when it’s in use as well as meat thermometers that alert your smartphone when dinner is done. 

Another new product for your kitchen or bath is a hands-free faucet.  It works great for small children or a cook who has sticky fingers.  It is nice to have in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

Wood contertops are becoming more popular also,  They can be used along with granite, quartz and laminates.  They are nice to use on an island or just on part of the total counter.  


As you can see, there are many new kitchen trends for 2015.  If you are thinking about renovating or remodeling, call a professional interior designer to help you with your plans.