We were able to visit many lighting companies at the 2016 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.  

Currey and Company, Ashore Iron Works, Fine Art Lighting, Global Views, and Design Directions were some of the showrooms we visited.

The elegant beaded chandelier below has many crystals which makes it even more amazing! It features crescents of crystal swags as well as bead-trimmed arms and wooded components finished in silver leaf.

As you can see, this chandelier is drenched in glamour and was designed by Lillian August. This was shown at the Currey & Company showroom and needs a large space and tall ceilings.


What was formerly called the Dallas International Lighting Market, now has a fresh new name and an updated look.  The name has been changed to Lightovation and reflects innovative lighting technology and lighting interior design trends.


Prismatic glass and fabric shades, brass accents and traditional forms are all making a comeback.  This reflects homeowners nostalgia for “simpler times”. The lamp above features an interesting shape and fabric shade.


Some lighting fixtures are incorporating vintage electric design elements.  Fixtures that include steely accents, knob and strap details and mixed metals are gaining popularity.

Sconces_at_the_Dallas_Market-100591-edited-119939-edited.jpg      Sconces_at_the_Dallas_Total_Home_and_Gift_Market-311781-edited.jpg

 The two sconces shown above are very different but both beautiful. The one on the left features brass branches and the one on the right has a more contemporary look with a multitude of pretty colors.

You can also mix and match your favorite metals.  Metallic tones, such as bronze, brass, and gold tones can all be used in the same home. Everything does not have to be the same.

Homes with large foyers or high ceilings can use oversized lighting fixtures.  They will make a bold statement and serve as the focal point of the room.


 The contemporary chandelier shown above is made of shells and needs a large space to be properly displayed.

Some homeowners like the look of handcrafted elements.  They can achieve this look by merging recycled materials and vintage accents with modern undertones. This creates a fresh new design.  Antique mirrored glass, modern scroll work or hand-bent arching all fall into the artisanal accents category.


 The photo above shows one of the many lamp displays shown at the 2016 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market. 

Remember,beautiful lighting is important in every room of your home.  Although we took photos of lots of impressive chandeliers, table lamps add a lot of style and beauty to your home also.

We are happy to have an interior design business in the Dallas area because we are so close to the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.  We can drive there or go there on the Dart train.  It is very convenient and makes for an interesting and fun day. If you live in the Dallas area and need interior design help, please give us a call at 469-269-3625