Luxurious Custom Bedding McKinney TX

Custom bedding, a feel of comfort, great style and romance are all things that you may want in your custom bedding in your Master Bedroom.

Luxurious Custom Bedding McKinney TX

Luxurious fabrics complement each other. photo credit: Beth Singer Photography


What will add comfort and a luxurious feel to your custom bedding?


Down filling and soft fabrics will definitely add comfort.  Beautiful soft fabrics and exciting trims on your pillows will add luxury.  Since professional interior designers have access to custom sewing services and a plethora of new and exciting fabrics they can select fabrics and trims that are perfect for the bedrooms of the luxury client.

There are 4 types of luxury bedding.

1   Coverlets are  a lightweight, non-reversible bedspread that hangs down about half way to the floor. It is usually light weight.
2.  A Bedspread will hang all the way to the floor. They can keep you warm and still be decorative. Bedspreads can be thick or thin and can be quilted.
3.  Duvets – a soft fabric bag that is filled with down or polyester fiber.  They give you a soft overstuffed look.
4.  A Comforter is filled with layers of material including polyester fiber or down.  Comforters are usually quite thick and are quilted.
What mood do you want to create in your bedroom?  A mood can be created through the use of color, texture and style.

Do you want a cooler, healthy feeling and a feeling of relaxation?  If so, GREEN may be the right color for you.  It is the color of nature and mixes well in many color palettes.  There are so many different and unique colors in the green spectrum that it may take awhile to find just the right one.  A professional interior designer can help you with this.


Another color that is great for a Master Bedroom is BLUE.  It is a nice color because it can be very cool, peaceful and relaxing.  There are numerous shades of blue but right now light teal blue is very popular, as is aquamarine and topaz.

Some clients love WHITE and want a white or creme master bedroom because it makes them feel clean, fresh and organized.

Romance and passion are part of the RED color palette.  Red can also signify Valor.

Elegance and contentment are feelings that BLACK helps emit.  A Black and Grey or Black and White Master Bedroom are also popular color palettes.

BROWN and BEIGE are also good colors to use in a Master Bedroom.  They are soothing colors that are comforting and restful.

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