What does luxury high-end furniture mean to you?

 It usually means 4 things:

1.  it is very comfortable

2.  it has unique designs and styles

3.  It is enduring 

4.  it is functional and usable in the home


The above photo shows a luxury dining room that is comfortable and stylish.

Here are some ideas to expand the above concepts.

1.  Comfort

Luxury furniture should be comfortable and wonderful to sit in.  Upholstered furniture should be well made and have luxurious down-filled cushions.  You want to experience luxurious comfort as well as superb style in your luxury furniture.  

How do you find a comfortable chair or sofa?  Your height and the length of your legs matter as does the amount of firmness you like in your seat cushions.  High end furniture companies have options for your cushions and levels of firmness. Your professional interior designer can help you get the cushions that are just right for you.  

Do you want to sleep on your sofa or sectional or just sink into it?  For many clients a comfortable sofa is one with a bit of structure and support.  In a more formal living area you may find comfort with your feet on the floor, whereas in your more casual family room you may want to curl up in a chair that is deeper and has more “leg room”.


Here is an example of a comfortable leather sofa that is very stylish and luxurious, too.


2.  Unique Designs and Styles

There is not just ONE style that defines luxury furniture.  In fact, there are many styles and unique designs in luxury furniture.  American luxury designs may be different than European or Asian luxury designs.  There are Classical World, 19th Century, Modern European, Contemporary and Asian Luxury designs that are all unique and beautiful.


 Here is a magnificent and stylish table that is very unique.

3.  Long Lasting

Enduring luxury high end furniture means it has good quality and will last.  It may often be handed down to other generations.  Because it is such good quality and craftsmanship it can be durable and useable for many years.  


 This dining table and chair has unique custom characteristics.  It is handcrafted and has timeless styling.

4.  Functional and Useable

There are certain standards for design, functionality and safety in furniture and luxury high end furniture always fulfills all of these standards.  However, furniture can be a product of design and is also considered a form of decorative art in addition to its functional role of furniture.

The photo below shows a very functional cabinet that closes up or opens wide to hold many things.


In summary, it not only takes supreme comfort, unique designs, amazing styles, functionality and usability to make luxury high end furniture.  It also will have enduring, long-lasting style and quality.




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