Dallas Luxury Home Furnishings

Luxury Home Furnishings are Sumptuous, Comfortable, and Beautiful.

Dallas Luxury Home Furnishings

Luxury interior design for one of my clients. Photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

What is luxury high-end interior design?

Luxury high-end interior design means enduring styles, custom options, unique designs, quality handcrafted home furnishings, and attention to detail. To achieve this you need a creative, experienced, knowledgeable, professional interior designer.

 Dallas Luxury Home Furnishings

Wine Lounge – photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

What defines luxury home furnishings?

Luxury furniture should be comfortable and sumptuous.  Sofas and chairs will be hand crafted, beautifully tailored, and have luxurious, plush, down-filled cushions.  Wood pieces should be hand crafted by talented artisans and made of superior materials. High end  home furnishings can be traditional, contemporary or transitional, but they should have enduring styling.

Luxury doesn’t mean following today’s latest trend but instead means creating an environment that has enduring beautiful comfort, practical function, and an inspired sense of style.

Luxury interior design should also include beautiful rugs, custom draperies, inspiring artwork, accessories, and lighting to enhance your luxurious environment.

Dallas Luxury Home Furnishings

Master Bedroom Design – photo credit: Beth Singer Photography


What should you look for in a luxury interior designer?

  1. Search luxury interior designers in your area and look at their portfolios.  See if they can do more than one style. This is important because you want them to be able to create something special for you. You don’t want someone who only does what they like.
  2. Check out their credentials and see if they are a professional member of ASID. Professional members have experience and have gone through extensive testing.
  3. Read the reviews from their clients.
  4. Interview more than one designer.
  5. Are they good listeners and do they ask you questions?
  6. Do they respect your ideas?
  7. Can they come up with unique solutions to problems?
  8. How much experience do they have?
  9. Do they know luxury home furnishings?
  10. Do they have business knowledge?
  11. How do they purchase home furnishings? Can they save you money?

It is important to recognize that professional interior designers are experts at what they do.  They have education, training, and experience.  If you want a luxury home they will have many sources and ideas to show you. They can help you have the opulent, plush, and luxurious home of your dreams.

Give me a call and we can talk about how I can help you with your interior design project.

I am an ASID professional interior designer with over 40-year experience in interior design, custom home building, and remodeling. 469-269-3625

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