How do you achieve luxury and glam in your living room?  What makes a living room into a luxury living room? Luxury is a pleasure that is out of the ordinary allowed to oneself. Luxury is a means of ministering to such an enjoyment or indulgence.  If we sometimes go out of our budget or out of the usual spending, it may mean we want more luxury.


The photo above shows a dramatic room that has warm colors and is a luxury living room. The Pantone Color of the Year of 2015 is Marsala.

Here are some of the things that will help you achieve luxury and glam in your living room.

  • good organization
  • spacious and clutter free interior design
  • traditional architectural designs
  • ultimate comfort and comfortable seating areas
  • stunning artwork
  • well displayed collections of unique accessories
  • velvet and silk pillow accents with added fringe, trim, beads,etc
  • large windows
  • focal points
  • unique furniture pieces
  • stylish decor accessories, especially lamps
  • warm room colors.
  • beautiful flooring combined with attractive carpet and rugs
  • antiques that look expensive and interesting
  • lighting design that can transform a room
  • ceiling design that makes people want to look up

 A soft comfortable sofa that may or may not be deep enough to double as a twin bed, velvet and silk pillows, bookcases filled with well displayed curiosities, all make a luxury living room into a home.


Specialty ceiling designs, molding and trim work make for luxury architectural detail.  Lighting designs and lamps can be especially important in a luxury living room.

Metal accessories and silver and gold colors transform rooms into luxurious spaces. Some use of antiques in modern interior design are associated with luxury.

As you can see, there are many different things that go into making a plain living room into a luxury living room.  It’s all in the details and a professional interior designer can help you make your dream room come true. 






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