Luxury Interior Designer Dallas TX

What to Expect from a Luxury Interior Designer Dallas TX

There are a lot of luxury homes in the Dallas area and it is a big decision on how to decorate them. There are so many choices today, but there are a few things that most high-end homeowners want.

Luxury clients want refinement and quality. People who want high-end designs want inspired designs and customization. Luxury homeowners want their interiors to be comfortable, stylish, timeless, functional, and beautiful. They want their home to reflect their unique style.

Luxury Interior Designer Dallas TX

Luxury interior design for one of my clients. Photo credit: Beth Singer Photography


Enduring style is very important to clients who want luxury interiors.

Contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles can all be enduring.  The keys to timeless design are staying away from fads and trends that come and go, having good quality, and having a good interior designer.  Contemporary to traditional, formal to casual, dramatic to understated, elaborate to simple, sophisticated to down to earth, and warmer or coolers are all styles and feelings that clients may want to choose.

Luxury Interior Designer Dallas TX

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug, and accessories.


The best interior designers will have experience, good communication skills, knowledge, attention to detail, and talent.  They will be able to create a unique look for each client.

Luxury Interior Designer Dallas TX

3D rendering of a Contemporary Kitchen for one of my clients.


A professional designer will have access to original artwork, decorative accessories, custom draperies, fabulous furniture, exquisite fabrics, and unique lighting and rugs.  This way they can create a special look for each client and attend to the personal details of each item.

Comfortable luxury living is attainable with proper planning and the talent and knowledge of a professional interior designer.  

Original artwork, decorative pillows, and beautiful accessories add a lot to finish off a room, and designers who work with luxury clients have the resources necessary to finish the project. Not only will the room be comfortable, but it will be beautiful, functional, and unique.

Interior Design Consultation Dallas

Contemporary living for one of my clients.

Elegant living and the demands of daily life are not mutually exclusive. All you need to do is find a professional designer who can work with you to give you the comfortable luxury living and great style you desire.

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