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What defines luxury interior design?

Luxury Master Bath Prosper Texas Foran Interior Design

I designed this luxury master bath with CAD. This is a 3D rendering that I use to help my clients visualize. This bathroom has luxury details you might find in an exclusive resort like a steam shower, sauna, and fireplace.

Luxury design can be traditional or contemporary. Style is not a deciding factor in luxury living. On the other hand, quality, comfort, plush materials, refined styles, and exclusivity are.

Luxury living is a way of life, a complete environment created to make you completely relaxed, pampered, and with a feeling of quality. Luxury is exclusivity, tranquil, and unexpected. A luxury feeling in your home will give you a lush refuge to truly relax. This type of interior design combines the right materials like luxurious velvet, soft leather, down pillows, and colors that flow together and are easy on the eye.

Luxury Interior Design Prosper Texas photo credit Beth Singer Photography

Luxury Interior Design Prosper Texas photo credit Beth Singer Photography. Luxury interior design is about the details. In my client’s wine lounge above you can see the details like luxurious quilted leather, gilt nailhead trim, high-end chenille on the sides and backs of chairs, silk velvet throw pillows, petrified wood side table, and luxurious wool rug.


Space planning is also very important in luxury living. Your furniture should flow with the house and not be forced  Your furniture should be arranged to give you a feeling of tranquility. The biggest mistake I see is people buying furniture that does not fit in their home or bringing old furniture from their previous home. Your home can be so much more than what you see on Reality TV.


What to look for in a luxury interior designer.


It takes a designer years to acquire the experience of creating luxury interior design. Luxury designers must know how to create different looks for each client. As I said earlier, style is not a deciding factor in luxury living. A designer must be able to create a luxury environment in any style or formality.



Luxury interior designers must know how to create a luxury experience by using space planning, architectural design, spectacular lighting, high-end furniture, custom window covering, exclusive artwork, custom rugs, rich fabrics, accessories, and custom cabinets. They must also be able to work within the client’s budget.



Are they professional members of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)? Professional members have passed a long and difficult exam. You should also look at their portfolio to see if they work in different styles or do they do the same look for everyone. Also, read their their client reviews to see how happy their past clients were.


Access to High-End Home Furnishings

 The designer you choose should have years of experience going to the best high-end home furnishing markets and know about the best high-end furniture and accessories. The best interior designers will spend lots of time finding the perfect items for each client. They also must know about the quality and construction of furniture so they can deliver the best and most comfortable furniture to their client.

Ability to come up with Creative Solutions to design problems

High-end interior designers must be able to come up with creative solutions that solve problems and enhance the luxury experience.

In conclusion,  luxury interior design is a very complicated job and it takes an experienced talented person who loves what he or she does.

Luxury Interior Designer Prosper Texas – by Michael Foran, ASID

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