We wanted to educate our readers about luxury appliances in Dallas TX, so we went to the experts, Capital Distributing. If you want luxury kitchen appliances for your new home or newly remodeled home, CAPITAL DISTRIBUTING is the place to go.  They are a local, family owned business and have been serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 1973.


Thermador steam oven

Capital Distributors work side by side with the best designers, builders, remodelers and architects in the area.  They have cultivated numerous relationships over the past 43 years.

Capital Distributing represents over 50 brands of appliances and has many of the top luxury brands including; Miele, Subzero, Wolf, Gaggenau, Alfresco Outdoors and La Corneu just to name a few.

The sales associates are more than capable of handling any project, big or small. They receive the latest in training and product knowledge and can handle multi-family projects to replacing a single appliance.

The people at Capital Distributing are experts in luxury appliances, so we asked them some questions about what’s hot in luxury kitchen appliances in Dallas TX.

What’s new and innovative in appliances?

Steam cooking and speed cooking are the newest technologies to grace us with their presence and many manufactures have developed their take on them.

Why would people want to buy a steam oven?

What makes steam ovens especially great is that it is a very healthy way to cook.  Because the moisture is maintained, the food is able to retain all its nutrients. This makes the food taste good and be healthy for everyone.  

Also, you can bake, cook, roast, grill, steam, and defrost leftovers in a steam oven.  The defrosted leftovers don’t dry out which is another great reason to have a steam oven.

Steam ovens come in many sizes.  They can be as big as an oven or the size of a microwave. 

What colors and finishes are popular now?

The most popular finish our customers ask for to this day is stainless steel. We often get asked if stainless steel will be going by the wayside any time soon but the resounding answer to that question is a simple “No, stainless is here to stay.”

In addition, a client may wish to have their own millwork installed on their refrigerator and/or dishwasher, and many manufactures offer that capability as well.

Refrigerated Wine Cellars

Wine coolers are no longer put deep in the basement.  Modern wine storage is now taking a more prominent place in homes. As shown below, the wine cooler can be situated in the kitchen, the game room, or any place that it will fit in.  

It is important to have your wine refrigerated at the ideal temperature of 55 degrees.  It is also important to keep it out of direct sunlight and not have too much movement while it is being stored.  

A temperature controlled unit is a wonderful thing to add to your home and will make your wine convenient and ready to serve.  Sub-Zero has a 24″wide appliance that lets you store both reds and whites with 2 separately controlled compartments. It also has UV-resistant glass. 

wine cooler-457033-edited.jpg

Miele under counter wine storage system


Built-in Wolf coffee system-185698-edited.jpg

Wolf Built-in Coffee System

This is what Wolf says about their coffee system

What makes a great cup of coffee” Beans, grind, crema, strength – all that and more. Like a great estate coffee roasted by a master and brewed by an expert, the Wolf Coffee System hits all the right notes. It incorporates your own personal preferences to craft the exact cup of coffee you crave. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato – you’ll enjoy your favorite coffee drinks in minutes, anytime you please, in the peace and quiet of your own home.

These built-in coffee systems work great in a kitchen or in a master bedroom.


What’s hot in outdoor kitchens?

We’ve also seen a trend in outdoor kitchens. No longer is a homeowner content with simply having a grill on a cart.  It is not uncommon to see refrigeration, warming drawers, ice machine, ventilation, sinks and storage in today’s outdoor kitchens.  Heaters are also prevalent today so that the 40 degree day can be a pleasant environment to entertain in.   


Here is a grill accessory that drops into any Alfresco outdoor grill to blanch, steam, fry, or boil.


Lynx pizza oven-290756-edited.jpeg

 Lynx Napoli pizza oven 

You can make more than just pizza on this oven.  This oven can do roasts, bakes dishes, quesadillas, and more. Check their recipe section for more ideas.

We hope this article on Luxury Kitchen Appliances will help you as you choose appliances for your new or newly remodeled home.