A master bedroom lighting plan & master bathroom lighting plan are very important when building a new home or when remodeling.


Below are some of the things to consider for each space.

Master Bedroom

There are a lot of areas where you can use lighting in your master bedroom. You need these three types of lighting:     general lighting

                      reading light  and

                      mood lighting

Flush mount or semi-flush mount chandeliers are a great way to go because they will give you general light but can be dimmed for mood lighting.  The scale and the height of the fixture is very important.  These lights are usually over the bed. Make sure the bed and the chandelier look good together.

These same ideas apply to ceiling fans.  Make sure they are the right size and don’t hang down too far. If you do use a ceiling fan (see picture below) you will need some additional, maybe recessed lighting.

Recessed lights can be used to fill in dark areas in your bedroom. Recessed light should be switched separately because although it may be good lighting for getting ready in the morning or cleaning, the exposed bulb is too harsh for reading or mood lighting. 

 Table lamps for your night stands should be at a height that works well for reading.  Wall mounted swing arm sconces work well for reading.

Cove lighting is a great way to create a nice ambiance.



For this client we used lamps and recessed lighting.
Planning your lighting for a master bedroom requires a lot of thought.


Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is one of the most important rooms for lighting. There are many areas where you can add light.

You can use moisture rated recessed lights over the tub and shower.  Vanity lighting is an area that is rarely done correctly. Vertical fixtures or sconces can be mounted above the vanity on either side of the mirror or on the mirror (see photo) and should be at nose level. This will give you great light for make-up and eliminate shadows.  If you have a large master bathroom you may need more recessed lights or a ceiling fixture.  You should switch some of the lights separate from other lights.


This client wanted great make-up lighting in her master bath. With light high and low you will not have shadows on your face.

Wall color for your master bath?

Lighter colors are better because darker colors absorb light. If you use darker colors you will have to use a lot more lighting. 

Good lighting choices will give you fuction and beauty in your master bath and bedroom.