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Modern window shades can add so much to your Dallas home.

They range from modern roller shades to more elaborate hanging panels. As far as colors, pure colors are best.  Modern Design has embraced pure color.  Black, white, and neutrals are accented with primary colors. Therefore, you may want to wear white or a neutral color for your window treatments. 

Modern window treatments use more minimalist designs.  You can mix modern drapes with more contemporary fabrics.  Modern designs often have clean and straight lines and use some very modern materials for the hardware.  Drapery rods can be made of stainless steel, chrome, and other metallics.

Minimalism and lack of clutter, such as trims, embellishments, etc., will help you achieve a modern feeling.  Bold colors can be used for accents.  If you want to achieve a modern theme, you may want to do it by using texture and natural fibers in the fabrics.

modern window treatments

Roller shades are attractive and practical

Sleek white shades are seen in the photo above. Don’t be afraid to spend more on your window treatments.  After all, they will be in your home for a long time.

Your drapery and shades need to complement your entire room – Interior Design Dallas Texas

The significant elements in a room are the floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture.  Only one can be a star, and the other parts of the room play a supporting role.  For example, if you have fantastic artwork, you may want your walls and window treatments to be more neutral.

When you or your interior designer order the shades for your bedroom, you may want black-out shades. They will be room darkening or will completely block out all light.

Modern window treatments will give you a clean simple look

Modern window treatments can be a little simpler with not as much detail. The curtain rods for contemporary drapes can be on a single or double rod.  However, as shown in this photo, the fabric may have all the exquisite detail you need. Contemporary shades come in different forms and colors, such as whites, grays, blues, etc.  

Modern window treatments tend to tie the windows into the room’s design features.  Classic elements and contemporary details can offer an outstanding balance.  Whatever window treatment you choose should enhance the room’s style, color, and design.

Natural light flows in from the windows, as well as the skylight.

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