What is my interior design style?  That is a question many new homeowners ponder. Do you like a calm, orderly, and predictable look? Or do you like a clean look that is not hard-edged with very straight lines?  Do you like a more feminine look with soft colors?  Or do you like the new Menswear look with Ralph Lauren fabrics? Look at some of the interior design styles below and see what is best for you.

My Interior Design Style Dallas TX

We changed this little-used dining room into a transitional conversation room

There are many quizzes and surveys on the internet that will ask you questions so that you can better know your interior design style. Here are a few photos of different interior design styles that you might be attracted to.

1.  Contemporary

A contemporary interior design style is an ever-changing style that incorporates the latest materials and the most modern products.  It usually has straight or curved lines but no carving or intricate detail.  It has a minimalist look with no overuse of accessories.  If done right, a contemporary room will ooze sophistication, elegance, and crisp straight lines. Please see below.

My Interior Design Style Dallas TX

3D rendering of Contemporary Kitchen that I did for one of my clients.

2.  Traditional

Traditional interior design can be identified by its calm, orderly, predictable look.  It is calming and it is not wild or chaotic.  There are different types of traditions, such as European traditions and American traditions.  Traditional interior design is made up of period furnishings from the 18th and 19th centuries.


My Interior Design Style Dallas TX

A traditional dining room for one of my clients.

3.  Feninine French

This French-style interior design has a more feminine look and feel.  It usually has soft colors in the fabrics as well as in the case of good pieces.  It has details in the accessories and chandeliers that are used in the design.  They are usually flowing and more feminine.  It is a more traditional interior design look.

 Interior design can improve your life with self-expression

4.  Transitional

Do you like a clean look that is not as hard-edged as contemporary?  If so, you may like transitional interior design.  It still has some traditional influences.  It can also have soft lines and less detail.  The colors can be fun and the accessories are unique and exciting.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug and accessories.

5.  Eclectic 

Eclectic interior design includes variations of different styles and includes mix-matched patterns and fabrics, bright colors, patterned fabrics, and interesting and fun accessories.  It’s a fun way to decorate and can be great.  One thing is for sure:  it is always an interesting way to decorate.

My Interior Design Style Dallas TX

Eclectic family room for one of my clients.

If you still need help deciding what style of interior design you like most, call an interior designer and they will help you.  Also, you can buy home magazines and see what rooms you like best.  There are many great magazines, such as Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, and Veranda, as well as many others.

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