Nature inspired themes were seen everywhere at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Summer Market.

These themes were seen in artwork, sculptures, coffee tables, chairs and end tables.

Did you know that many cultures integrate nature into their art, symbols and tradition?  Native North American culture has homes, religion, artwork and clothing all made from and inspired by nature.

Many of todays furniture and accessory designers get their inspiration from nature.  We found this to be true because we saw many items at the Market that required us to see nature from a new perspective.  There were many beautiful, nature-inspired, original types of furnishings at the Market.

In the photo on the left the chair has a pole rattan frame and legs which are woven in vine like shapes. They look like wood branches.

In the right photo, there is a replica of a steer on the top of a fossil- look coffee table.

Of course, there were many beautiful landscape drawings, but there were also 4-panel paintings of leaves and branches close up. The 4 tung wood panels were painted white with the Spring tree hand-carved to reveal the natural wood tone. The technique used was to actually cut in the branches to give the artwork more of a 3-Dimensional effect.

Another trend we noticed at the Dallas Market was the use of natural materials in end tables.   The shapes of the tables ranged from tree-shaped bases to antler bases and branch-shaped legs.  In the coffee table above, the entire base was made up of cut driftwood sticks.  Notice the unique basket on top of the table.

There were also sculptures of horses all made from twigs. The horse head shown above is an example of what the whole horse sculpture looks like. The whole horse sculpture was very large being almost 6 ft tall.

The sensous wall sculpture depicted a branch or tree which again demonstrated the nature-inspired designs.

Nature-inspired fabrics were also very popular as were rugs that were made of natural materials, such as jute, hemp, leather, cotton and silk.

As you can see from these photos, there were many nature-inspired designs shown at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market this year.