Everyone wants “Fashion Inspired Living” and you can have it by getting unique accent pieces.  Whether it’s a stunning coffee table made of natural unfinished teakwood or a sexy cocktail table made in metal clad champagne silver, there was a lot to choose from at the 2017 High Point Market.

This beautiful satiny black cushioned bench is luxurious but also practical.  It looks especially pretty when placed in front of a mirror.

Accent furniture is one of the best ways to personalize a room. Everyone has their own taste and style. An interior designer will hep you personalize your room to your own style and taste.  They know of a boundless array of companies that specialize in accent furniture.

Accent furniture must have personality, whether it is very small or large.  There are many small drink tables made especially to go at the side of a sofa or in a corner by a chair..The small drink tables can go anywhere in your room..  

Below there are a variety of magnificent but mini drink tables at the High Point Market, that can easily be placed in a room.

The wonderful wood cocktail table shown below would be an awesome accent piece for your home.  Notice how the accessories are simple but look great on the table.

Many accent pieces mix materials to make it more interesting and sophisticated. There are many luxurious materials to work with, such as marble, sheepskin and leather used with acrylic, glass,steel or polished brass. 

Shuffleboards have always been a crowd pleaser.  They are one of the pub or game room classics. The shuffleboard table below will not only add fun to your home but it is also a beautiful accent piece.

‘Don’t look at trends.” says Foran, of Foran Interior Design in Plano, Texas.

“I can help you create an eclectic decor that mixes your personality and style”.