New Trends in Home Theaters in Dallas Texas are multiple.  The rooms are now becoming multi-functional.  They have pool tables, gaming tables, bars, dart boards, and all types of different seating arrangements, including beds.

As you can see in the 3D rendering below, there is a pool table, a fireplace, a bar with 5 barstools, and multiple television screens, both large and small.

Home Theaters in Dallas Texas

The home theater room is becoming more of an entertainment area and a multi-purpose room.

LEDs are part of the room.  All 3 walls of the room are treated, as well as the ceiling.  The LED lighting is placed behind the pilasters in place of sconces.

We are now seeing more contemporary theater rooms.  There is also more social seating instead of separate chairs.  A star ceiling gives a true theater look and feels to a theater room.  There are now pre-made panels that are easier to install.

The home theater pictured below has a very contemporary sky-like ceiling.  It also has a place for audio-video equipment and lots of comfortable seating. Notice the light gray wall color that is being used in the room.

Home Theaters in Dallas Texas

Down-filled theater seating

Here are some more current trends in Home Theaters.  Smartphones and Tablets are being used to change channels as well as control the volume.  Some users tweet or post status updates while they are watching movies.  Facebook and Twitter are 2 favorite sites that people like to use in their home theater.

Some people are now using floor-standing and sound bar speakers rather than in-wall speakers in their home theaters.  This makes it easier to put the sound exactly where you want it to be.

Home theaters are now called different names such as game rooms, media rooms, and family centers.  The 2 main components are still a good sound system and a display device.  Having a more hybrid place in your home makes a lot of sense because you can use more traditional seating instead of specialty theater seating. You can also have a bar or eating area in the home theater media room. Some people might want to sit at the bar to eat and drink.

Note in the photo below, there is a marble or granite-topped bar with popcorn and soda on it.  The sectional seating is good for watching a movie or for conversation.


Another newer trend in home theaters is applying lighter colors to the walls.  They no longer have to be dark brown, dark red, or black like they once recommended.

Are you planning to have a Home Theater in your home?  If so, you will need to do these things.

1.  Find a professional interior designer to help you                                              

2.  Have an in-depth consultation about the style of the room.                              

3. Have preliminary drawings drawn up                                                                    

4.  Pick materials to be used in the room                                                                  

5.  Get a 3-dimensional rendering  and more

Last thoughts

Keep in mind this is not as easy as it looks on TV especially if you have a larger luxury home. A professional interior designer can help you with a detailed plan and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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