New outdoor furiture trends at the  High Point 2014 Home Furnishings Market

Did you know that furnishing an outdoor room is number three on the Customer Wish List after the number one Family room and number two Master Bedroom?  I think it is amazing that a home’s outdoor room is the third most desirable space to furnish in a home. 


However, since I have moved to Plano, Texas, I can see why it is number three.  The fall is a beautiful time of the year in Texas and a wonderful time to put your outdoor room together and make it a fun place to be.  Your outdoor furniture should be comfortable as well as practical.  It should be a great place for relaxation and entertaining and we can help you make it well furnished and inviting.

Consumers are buying furniture for a variety of outdoor living spaces and they are outfitting everything from private courtyards to poolside areas, backyard patios and decks and outdoor kitchens.  They are viewing the outdoor room as an extension of the interior space.  


Outdoor living spaces are an “essential design trend for homes nationwide”, according to a June report by the National Association of Home Builders. They also report that homeowners and renters alike have added outdoor living spaces to the top of their lists of desired home features.  


When we went to the International Furniture Market this October we were able to see all the new outdoor furniture trends.


What is an outdoor room?  It is an outdoor area that has been converted into a comfortable living space, covered or not.  It can be used for grilling, chilling and entertaining.  It’s great to wake up in the morning and have coffee or tea with the warm morning sunshine. It’s a great place to just relax.  You can enjoy the sound of birds or watch the flicker of the fire pit at night.



At the International Furniture Market in High Point, NC, we saw a combination fire pit/serving and coffee table that would be a great addition to any outdoor room.


We also saw unique seating shapes for the outdoor area and luxury loungers that were very comfortable.  We can help you fit the right furniture that is comfortable and beautiful into your outdoor space.  We can also help you choose fabric for your outdoor furniture that is weather and fade resistant–and surprisingly soft, too,  


We saw colors that were very bright, some dark and everything in-between. You can choose your outdoor area colors to coordinate with those inside your home or choose something much brighter.

 The Adirondack Chair is popular in some regions.  Other areas like outdoor furniture made of aluminum, woven or American-made wrought iron.  In Texas, because of the wind, a heavier material is required.


We heard a sad story at market about a client who got some new outdoor furniture delivered to his home and got up the next morning to find it all blown away and scattered all over the golf course behind his home.That is another reason to hire a professional interior designer who sells quality products that will be heavy enough to last in a windy area.


There are even outdoor furniture collections for the little ones.  We saw a delightful all-iron set that was comprised of a pint-sized white table and 4 candy colored chairs.  It would be very easy to take care of since you only need to hose it down and let it drip dry.


Outdoor furniture styles have changed.  It does not have to transport you to exotic, romantic, secluded, tropical, breathtaking or otherwise amazing locales, but it can.  Some outdoor furniture reminds us of the rich architectural style and rich history of Florence.  Other outdoor styles can be very modern or contemporary.  If you let us know what style you like, we can find the best outdoor furniture for you.


A professional interior designer who has experience will be a furniture expert and will know about these 4 things.

1.  comfort

2.  finishes

3.  quality construction

4,  quality fabrics that will hold up outside

Call a professional interior designer to help you have an outdoor room that will have comfort, practicality, and the style that you want for your home.