Where do you find high quality outdoor furniture in Dallas?

Furnishing outdoor living areas and finding quality outdoor furniture can be difficult. Your professional interior designer can help you with the layout of your outdoor living area and can be a great source for quality outdoor furniture.


People in North Texas (Dallas area) love their outdoor living spaces and they want them to be an extension of their indoor spaces.  These areas expand their home and are a great place to entertain.  Because of the climate, outdoor areas are very important to homeowners in Texas.  



Many North Texas homeowners see the fire pit chat set as the number one outdoor product they want to buy.   What pieces of furniture are most important to have outside?  The 5 piece dining set which includes the table and 4 chairs, a grill and a chat set with comfortable seating are the items most Texans would like in their outdoor areas.


What colors do most people favor in their Dallas outdoor furniture? They prefer muted, neutral colors over bright ones.They like muted greens, and blues as well as neutrals.  When choosing outdoor furniture it is important to get colors that you like as well as fabrics that will hold up in all kinds of weather.  Sunbrella fabrics are great to use in outdoor areas because they hold up beautifully. Lighter colors are best for sunny areas because they will be cooler. Darker colors will absorb the light and can be hot to the touch.

Here are 4 tips to help you when planning your outdoor area:

1.  Find a style that you and your family likes. Outdoor furniture comes in many materials and styles. Your outdoor living space should complement your indoor space as well as the exterior of your home. A professional interior designer can help you with the selections and the layout of your outdoor living area.

2.  Make sure your outdoor furniture is easy to maintain. Quality outdoor furniture will have finishes that will hold up for years. You should look for all-weather performance fabrics. They will have the same soft hand, rich colors and vibrant patterns as indoor upholstery. They may also have options for pillows, trims, fringes and designer options

3.  Furniture that serves multiple purposes whether the outdoor room is spacious or small is popular with North Texas home owners.  They want to make entertaining less work and more fun.

4.  Fire features are also very popular.  They are a great enhancement to any outdoor space.  The aesthetic impact of a fireplace or fire pit is undeniable and can extend the season.  


   If you have a big outdoor area that you would like to furnish with comfortable and stylish furniture, call a professional interior designer who can help you with a floor plan, with fabrics and with styles that will be casual and comfortable and just right for you and your family.





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